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St. Louis Private Investigator Services cover Missouri, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, Warren County, and Lincoln County, St. Louis Private Investigator Services offer Cheating Spouse-Infidelity Surveillance, Child Custody Surveillance & Visitation Investigations, Background Check & Background Investigations, Process Service, and Divorce Surveillance Investigations. We conduct all Private Investigation types and are most well known for a high success rate in Cheating Spouse & Child Custody Cases. Shadow Company Investigations was started by Michael Bland, a former St. Louis County Police Officer.

Investigator Michael Bland is highly sought after for his expertise for In Depth Background Investigations, Cheating Spouse Surveillance, and Child Custody Cases. Bland has a case clearance rate of 98.5 % for Cheating Spouses, 95.6% for Child Custody, and 99% on providing accurate Background Information previously undiscovered. 

We are a professional organization that are proud members of the World Association of Detectives & World Association of Private Investigators. Both of these organizations accept only professionally trained, licensed, and insured Expert Private Detectives after a professional vetting background check is performed to insure their credentials and experience.

Unlike many companies we have learned from years of experience and lessons learned that having a very transparent business model is the only way to operate and build trusting relationships with our clients. Therefore, we have our Terms & Conditions, Fees, and Experience at the top of our Main Menu. 

Let me make one thing clear if you are like most people who call us and say they are shopping for the cheapest Private Investigator you are off to a horribly wrong start. What you should be shopping for is a Private Investigator with experience who can help your case – Expert Investigator Michael W. Bland



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