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St. Louis Private Investigators provide Cheating Spouse Infidelity Surveillance, Child Custody & Divorce Surveillance in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Warren County, Lincoln County and the entire State of Missouri. We provide Private Investigator Surveillance, Cheating Spouse Surveillance, GPS Tracking Surveillance, Teenager Tracking, Background Investigation, Business Investigations, Civil & Criminal Investigations, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony & Maintenance Investigations, Divorce, Fraud, Locate Persons, Background Checks & Locates, Criminal Background Checks, Corporate Investigations, Attorney Services, Insurance Services, Workmen’s Compensation Surveillance, Hidden Assets,  Signs of Cheating Spouse, Global Private Investigator, International Private Investigator

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St. Louis Private Detective Services is a fully licensed & Insured St. Louis Private Detective Firm. St. Louis Private Investigator Services we offer are the best rated in St. Louis, Missouri and around the Globe. St. Louis Private Investigator Services succeed because of our lengthy experience and or work ethic. We specialize in Child Custody Surveillance, Hidden Asset Searches, Missing Persons, Unsolved Murder Investigations, Cold Cases, Child Support Investigations, Alimony Investigations, Divorce Surveillance, and Employee Theft Surveillance. As a Missouri Detective Agency we serve Law Firms, Small Businesses, Corporations, City, State, and Federal Government Agencies. We offer state of the art surveillance capabilities with high power zoom lenses to capture date & time stamped photographic proof. Our evidence is highly respected in the St. Louis Court system for many types of cases.



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We provide workmen’s comp surveillance for insurance companies, locate people who owe debts or a target of a Criminal Investigation, locate witnesses for interview or statements, and solve crimes not able to be solved by Law Enforcement or other detective agencies. We are highly respected St. Louis Private Investigations company and have a Chief Investigator who is retired Law Enforcement with 20 plus years of investigations experience in solving complex cases. St. Louis Private Investigator Services are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on Holidays, and offer free 30 minute consultations when you call or email our customer support staff standing by to serve your investigative needs. St. Louis Private Investigator Services we offer help people everyday in St. Louis, Missouri by winning their day in court for both small and large investigations. 

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