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St. Louis Private Investigator Services is an Elite St. Louis Private Investigations Company that specializes in Family Investigations. We are highly trained in Private Investigations that involve Messy Divorce Cases. Many of these cases usually involve Infidelity, Hidden Assets, Restraining Orders, and very messy Child Custody Court Battles. Most people are overwhelmed by the time they get to us with these problems and need expert investigators to sort things out. We provide more investigative services than any other investigations firm in St. Louis, Missouri. We have helped hundreds of people get Full Custody of their children. St. Louis Private Investigator Services are experts at seeing through smoke and mirrors and getting the truth.  We provide you with high definition date & time stamped photographic proof to present in your court case. Our Private Detectives Services use only the highest trained C.S.I. Detectives & Surveillance Equipment. St. Louis Private Investigator Services have years of expert training in solving highly complex investigations. Our Services provide the most diverse, best trained, and most aggressive private investigators of any agency in the United States. We are a notch above only hiring retired Law Enforcement professionals that have had years of real world experience. Missouri Private Investigator Services we offer are all highly confidential with the clients privacy in mind. For your safety and peace of mind we keep your investigation evidence in a highly secured vault to prevent theft or destruction. St. Louis Private Investigator Services are the most ” Thinking Outside of The Box Private Detectives you will Find in St. Louis”.  


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