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St. Louis Private Investigator, Michael W. Bland, owner of Shadow Company Investigations (Missouri License 2014011905). Michael has worked 20 years in Law Enforcement, conducted investigations for Monsanto, B.P. Oil, investigated in Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri, for hard to solve investigations. Michael has received awards for many high profile cases solved while in Law Enforcement such as rescuing a missing girl, apprehending a fugitive from Texas State who raped a 15 year old girl, Apprehending a suspected Russian Terrorist, discovering more than once Militia Members with large stock piles of weapons, maps, and materials to manufacture explosives. Michael has been aired on Fox News numerous times for uncovering corruption and other high profile cases in Missouri as well as on CNN and New York Times Radio. Michael has worked directly with Federal law Enforcement Agencies like the F.B.I., D.E.A., and U.S. Marshals on numerous cases and worked as a Police Chief. Michael has often been requested to consult other more experienced Private Investigation companies for solution’s and problem solving.



Shadow Company Investigations

Agency License # 2014011905 – Investigator Michael Bland

12042 Debonnaire, Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63146, (314) 293-5370