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Alimony Investigations

If you were mandated to pay out alimony as well as believe the amount of money is unfair, you may contemplate getting evidence. For instance, when your ex-spouse states to not be employed, meaning she or he requires additional cash from you, it might be easy to get him or her tracked via Global positioning system. In this way, you will find out when your ex-spouse really has work as well as basically telling lies to the family court to get extra cash via alimony, which is not uncommon. However, in case you are owed alimony as well as have been assigned that your ex-spouse does not possess an occupation anymore, you will find out if it is correct by employing Global positioning system monitoring. In case you found that she or he does work, and merely looking to get away from making alimony payments, you may use Global positioning system monitoring to establish this. On both of these forms of divorce cases investigations a suitable divorce case agency through its divorce case investigator can help you arrive at the truth.


Maintenance Investigations

We help people going through Maintenance Modifications when their former spouse is seeking more money to live off. In the mean time the spouse is many times living with another person who already is financially supporting them and now paying their bills. We help by proving this person is living an extravagant lifestyle and really a gold digger when the truth be told. This is done by conducting surveillance and showing where the person is living, who with, that persons financial status, and much more.






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