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These days, it is not difficult to get into a situation that requires the services of a private investigator; from getting into custodial cases to being able to handle marital unfaithfulness (or cheating spouse) to more cases like fraud allegations, and others. One way or the other, situations arise that require the assistance of a layer – which in turn needs evidence to help you win.

However, there are times when all you need are answers to your troubling questions. Let’s say you have a feeling your spouse is cheating; there’s likelihood friction will exist in your communication, arising from heaviness. Our role is to discover if this feeling is valid, if you’re right to feel heavy or if it’s just a misplaced emotion. However, according to statistics, 80% of the time, your feelings are correct.

Every information obtained will help you organize your steps in the right direction and save yourself any unnecessary trouble. Our services are available across countries in Asia.

Our private investigation services open to countries within Asia

From China to India or even Malaysia and Singapore, our professional private investigators can help you carry out all the investigations you need. Some of our services are detailed below.

  • Background Checks: our private investigators help you uncover specific details and information on individuals or even organizations. Our background checks are tailored to meet your exact needs/requirement – that is, we provide you even the most minute detail. We can provide you with info such as lawsuits, relatives, bankrupt filing, property ownership, U.C.C filing, Driving records, and others.

Our private investigator background check services are available as

  • Online dating investigations,
  • Personal background checks,
  • Pre-marital background checks,
  • Corporate background checks,
  • Financial Background checks,
  • Criminal Background checks
  • Employee background check, and other forms of due diligence


  • Corporate Investigations: it is not unlikely that an employee in your firm is engaging in theft, fraud, or similar vices. Our private investigators are experts at uncovering the truth about employees within your corporation. Our investigators operate and deliver by engaging in direct investigation and interview, followed by surveillance to ensure evidence is obtained. From carrying out background checks to the more direct inquiries, you are sure to receive a detailed report

Our corporate investigation service is available for any organizational issue you may have. The following is an inexhaustive list of what we offer.

  • Employee problems (e.g., substance abuse)
  • Co-worker relationships
  • Insurance fraud
  • Excessive sick time
  • Moonlighting, and others


  • Counter Intelligence: this is a sensitive part of our job as private investigators. While being expert investigators help us uncover hidden secrets (or in other cases, items), we are also well-versed with the rudiments of counterintelligence. Protecting yourself and corporation against espionage in a technologically driven world is not the easiest of tasks. However, with a multilayered security level and counterintelligence techniques, you can keep your sensitive information out of arms reach (or anyone who tries to get to them without authorization).

Our counterintelligence service includes the following:

  • Employee counterintelligence monitoring
  • Penetration testing
  • Internal Operations (covert)
  • Social Engineering

Other services we provide include child custody investigations, parental kidnapping, marital (cheating spouse) surveillance, fraud investigations, identity theft investigations, stalker investigations, divorce, criminal defense investigations, hidden items investigation, and missing persons.


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As expert private investigators, we help you discover what seems to be hidden and uncover hidden truths that would have kept you in the dark. What do you need to know about the guy who keeps stalking your spouse? What about the custodial parent who you feel is keeping your child in danger? Or the employee who instinctually, you believe, is engaging in fraud? How do you get answers without complicating and messing up your chances of ever making a case? The simple answer is to employ the services of a private investigator.

A private investigator can work discreetly to help you obtain any evidence that seems to be far from the reach of your arm. We do the hard job and let you handle your case with confidence. It’s as simple as that. Whether you need this information to make a bold appearance in court or for personal benefit, our investigators can make this happen.

Why work with our private investigators in Asia?

Our private investigators in Asia have a proven track record of delivering excellent services as you need it. We use discreet methods to ensure you’re able to obtain the info without unpleasant situations on your side.

Whether you are seeking information about a subject in a corporate environment or a more residential environ, our investigators can help you get what you need. Our services are not limited in any way. We operate solely to help you achieve your goals – giving you value for every penny.  It doesn’t take a long while to discover you are in the right hands since our private investigators are as the best in Asia.



How we operate in Asia

As a private investigation firm, we have investigators stationed in each country of the continent to ensure pan-continental reach. We believe our expert private investigation services can come in handy for you as an individual, and for the more corporate or legal environment.

We operate with surveillance systems that assist in discovering information safely and without the expense of suspicion by the subject.

Are you in need of a private investigators’ service? Let us help and prove to you we can handle your task with the expertise you deserve. Give us a call or leave us an email today.


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