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When people need to Screen Applicants, Vet Tenants, investigate a neighbor, Nanny, or a potential business partner they trust Shadow Company Investigations, a Professionally licensed, trained, and insured Missouri Private Investigations Agency that is based locally in St. Louis, Mo serving St. Louis, the State of Missouri, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, Franklin County, Madison County, St. Clair County, and Monroe County, Illinois.


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Unlike many background check agencies that are either automated or have a person pushing a button to generate an outdated report that provides no helpful information we have a staff of former Law Enforcement Special Operations Personnel who provide real time accurate data, personally review this data, and keep you in the know with expert court worthy information in locating a person and telling you everything about them.

Background Check Services We Offer

Employment Screening & Verification

Criminal History Record Check & Sex Offender

Personal & Family Background Checks

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Nationwide Criminal

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Law Firms

Insurance Companies

Staffing Agencies

Transportation Services

State & City Governments

Daycare & Hospice

Why Were Trusted

Unlike many online services which are outdated, our Background Checks are from an Advanced Law Enforcement Database that has open source and public information from Prisons, Financial Institutions, State DMV’s, and many other resources fed into it with tons of data on people in St. Louis, State of Missouri, and Nationwide

We do not provide personal information or conduct any background checks at all on famous persons, persons who have an order of protection, persons under possible threat of serious injury or serious physical harm or death, or persons who work in City, State, or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies due to ethical, legal, and safety concerns.

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