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Our Private investigation services in Costa Rica is as good as it comes. Whether you are a tourist who came to enjoy the beaches and natural attractions in Costa Rica or a native accustomed to the constant rains, no one makes a promise you won’t ever need a private investigator. Sometimes, situations like theft, marital unfaithfulness (cheating spouse), missing persons, fraud, or even parental kidnapping happens to be part of one of the safest countries, that is Costa Rica. In a case like this, the importance of a private investigator is necessary.

While Law enforcement will do their best to ensure you get the best results on your case files, there’s the likelihood you’ll get a cold case if nothing happens within a specified time frame – meaning your lawsuit will be closed. For example, let’s say you file a missing person report, the law enforcement can engage in activities to find this person. But this may not go on the as long ass you’d want. Sometimes, the case can be closed if no reasonable results are obtained.

This doesn’t stop at just missing persons, what about parent kidnapping or custody or even divorce cases. There are some situations which require privacy as well, like marital surveillance. Who do you call? Law enforcement or a trusted private investigator?


Our private investigation services open to countries within Central America

We provide a range of private investigator services in countries within central America. Our services cover background check, custody and other private investigator services.

  • Background Checks: our private investigators help you uncover specific details and information on individuals or even organizations. Every background checks are tailored to meet your exact needs/requirement – that is, we provide you even the most minute detail. We can provide you with info such as lawsuits, relatives, bankrupt filing, property ownership, U.C.C filing, Driving records, and others.

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Our private investigator background check services are available as

  • Online dating investigations
  • Personal background checks
  • Pre-marital background checks
  • Corporate background checks
  • Financial Background checks
  • Criminal Background checks
  • Employee background check and other forms of due diligence
  • Corporate Investigations: it is not unlikely that an employee in your firm is engaging in theft, fraud, or similar vices. Our private investigators are experts at uncovering the truth about employees within your corporation. Our investigators operate and deliver by engaging in direct investigation and interview, followed by surveillance to ensure evidence is obtained. From carrying out background checks to the more direct investigations, you are sure to receive a detailed report

Our corporate investigation service is available for any organizational issue you may have. The following is an list of what we offer.

  • Employee problems (e.g., substance abuse)
  • Co-worker relationships
  • Insurance fraud
  • Excessive sick time
  • Moonlighting, and others


  • Counter Intelligence: this is a sensitive part of our job as private investigators. While being expert investigators help us uncover hidden secrets (or in other cases, items), we are also well-versed with the rudiments of counterintelligence. Protecting yourself and corporation against espionage in a technologically driven world is not the easiest of tasks. However, with a multilayered security level and counterintelligence techniques, you can keep your sensitive information out of arms reach (or anyone who tries to get to them without authorization).

Our counterintelligence service includes the following:

  • Employee counterintelligence monitoring
  • Penetration testing
  • Internal Operations (covert)
  • Social Engineering

Other services we provide include child custody investigations, parental kidnapping, marital (cheating spouse) surveillance, fraud investigations, identity theft investigations, stalker investigations, divorce, criminal defense investigations, hidden items investigation, and missing persons.


More on our services

A professional investigator will ensure you can get the information you need exactly as you need it. And working discreetly and with surveillance tools, our private investigators can ensure you obtain evidence or information regarding a subject be it a child or an adult while you go about your business without creating any suspicion whatsoever. While this sounds simple enough on the outside, it requires thorough discreetness and meticulousness on our part. In the end, your safety and obtaining your information is what matters to us.


Why should you work with us?

How do you handle a sensitive investigation without giving room for suspicion from the subject of such investigation? It’s simple by not going all in. If you ever need to build a case and lay a serious accusation such as a fraud case against a person, you should have enough evidence to back it up; else you face legal consequences.

Our private investigators make sure that is the case. Any investigator assigned to your case is well equipped to provide you with desirable results. From surveillance systems to accurate information to get them started on gathering enough information (or evidence, depending on the case) for you.

With proper information and enough evidence on your side, you have a higher chance of winning a case – it is the difference between losing completely and winning plainly. If you need the information for a personal and more sensitive issue, we also know how to operate discreetly and provide you with the best results.


How we operate

As a reputable private investigation agency, we understand how valuable excellent information is to you (that’s why you would need our services in the first place). Keeping that in mind, our investigators apprise you of the situation regarding your case as it happens – ensuring you do not doubt what is going on.

Depending on the sensitivity of your case and the location of investigation, we do what it takes to keep under the radar for thorough information and evidence gathering.

Every attempt or step towards the objective is for your benefit, as our goal is to keep you satisfied.

When it can’t be handled by the law enforcement, maybe, maybe a private investigator is who you need. Give us a call or reach us via any of our contact mediums and we’ll get back to you ASAP.