Child Custody Surveillance

Child Custody Surveillance Services


Ways a Private Investigator can help with Child Custody Case

Every case is different but there are some common types of cases that our private detectives or investigators have been handling on a regular basis for Child Custody Lawyers, and our associated tactics have proven to be successful in protecting the best interests of the child in these situations. Given below are some of the common issues you or your child custody lawyers are going to face during a child custody case. Hence, our chief private investigator Jack Clusso (name changed to protect identity) enumerates here as to how being one of the premier global investigating agency Shadow Company Investigation based in St. Louis, Missouri can help you come out of it with flying colors:

1. Custody Disagreements

In some custody disagreements, we get queries from child custody lawyers or even fathers and mothers contesting a child custody case who worry that they can deal with an irrational as well as untruthful ex-wife or husband in the courtroom. In cases like this, we perform an investigation directed at arming you with the details. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty however if you might deal with fake accusations, it’s advisable to get the proof readily available to disprove these.

During these types of cases, we utilize the following techniques:

  • Video Surveillance of a mother or father with the kid in their everyday life.
  • Gathering of witness records to verify the conduct as well as reputation of a mom or dad and also
  • Conduct a background study into one or perhaps both the parents to determine whether or not they may be of sound economic standing, to see if they have any specific felony record.

2. Custody Contract Violations

In a child custody case when you presume your ex-husband or wife is violating their custody contract or perhaps worse, you realize it’s occurring on a regular basis then you definitely will need proof to confirm this. A private investigator can collect evidence of common custody violations, such as:

  • Late to pick-up or perhaps drop your kid while you are transmitting custody
  • Violation of Custody Terms & Conditions for example, when they are not able to bring your son or daughter to prearranged appointments and so on.
  • Presence of unsavory or maybe undesirable acquaintances once the mother or father has got custody of the child

3. Child Mistreatment as well as Disregard

Child mistreatment as well as disregard is a severe issue in a child custody case that need quick involvement. Some of the well-known proof of Physical & Mental Abuse or disregard consists of:

  • Black eyes, bruises, or even some other visible physical maltreatment 
  • Under performance in school 
  • Mood changes or perhaps unexpected adverse reactions
  • Desire to no more be around a particular human being
  • Stealing from other people or even frequently demanding cash for food (when already provided)
  • A malnourished or underfed physical appearance
  • An unkempt or maybe unwashed physical appearance

When any one of these indications seems to be found, then you definitely have to take action. Private investigators can furnish speedy affirmation of mistreatment or disregard, and also give proof to you as well as the cops. Regrettably, the responsibility is on you to supply evidence for this behavior before any specific family court date, and so before any particular accusations or even allegations were made. When you allege that your son or daughter has been mistreated and can’t back this up it may damage your odds of having partial or even complete custody of your child. So contact us now at (833) 345-7778.

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Private Investigation in Child Custody Cases

Child custody lawyers and parties (husband or wife involved in a child custody case) need a legitimate private investigation which can produce admissible evidence in a family court and can be done discreetly. Old techniques are not valid, and hence it is essential that we hire a private detective or investigator who can legally carry out this work.

Given below are some of the different types of investigations carried out by the chief private investigator Hercules Poirot (name changed to protect identity). These investigations are some of his experiences he shared while in the course of solving family law cases most prominently child custody cases using the latest technology and gadgets wherein he was fortunate enough to bring the child custody cases in his clients favor.

He is the president of the division of Child Custody Investigations at Shadow Company Investigations, based in St. Louis, Missouri. He has an extensive background in private investigations, computer forensics, and law, and has participated, conducted and supervised numerous of cases.

Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions which he answered in a security meet:

So what kinds of information-obtaining methods are legitimate?

Rulings in New York City along with other state governments help support the right of a husband or wife to get almost any data from family member’s computer systems, smartphones along with other gadgets. Nevertheless, it is entirely different from the real-time interception made feasible by spyware. Utilizing spyware that detects and also documents the routines of anybody without their awareness as well as permission constitutes a Class E Felony in New York City, punishable by as much as four years in prison. Under the New York City Civic Practice Law and also Rules, any specific data received in this way, regardless of how pertinent, is inadmissible in the courtroom.

Is cloning a spouse’s hard disk legitimate?

Based on the gadget involved, the user’s behavior, as well as arrangement concerns, forensic acquisition as well as evaluation, might produce similar or more proof that one may get with spyware and then without the chance of felony charges or the information genuinely rejected by family court. Forensic acquisition of a personal computer hard disk or perhaps some other digital gadget for virtually every legitimate case needs to be carried out by skilled as well as accredited personal computer forensic specialists.

How in the world will one understand when spyware is planted on a personal computer?

Spyware might be in the office on your personal computer when it’s slow-moving whenever saving data files or starting programs, some keys don’t function any longer, an error message or pop up advertisements will be more frequent. Your website home web page can also vary from normal in fact the web browser might be hi-jacked, furnishing you with undesirable websites.

Could you inform us a bit about GPS Tracking?

Can you merely place a gadget in a car and then follow it?

It can’t be for any specific consumer. They have to be the possessor of the car’s registration and provide us consent to mount the gadget. Just a few years back these gadgets were reasonably large, but nowadays they’re virtually the size of a cigarette packet. You could place these on magnetically, covertly or, if you have ownership of the car, mount these on the vehicle’s battery. We can utilize it in child custody cases wherein the person might be drinking alcohol as well as driving a car or perhaps driving a vehicle carelessly with kids in the automobile. Monitoring can help record those actions for the family court. For more on investigative techniques to pursue child custody cases, you can contact him at (833) 345-7778

How a Private Investigator can help with Child Custody

In the middle of a child custody case, you need just about all the help you can find. Your child custody lawyer must be prepared to provide you with all of the correct legitimate assistance as well as guidance, but yet frequently it is not sufficient when you are not able to ensure that your former husband or wife is not fit to maintain the children. Fortunately, many child custody lawyers employ techniques that will help, such as a private investigator. You must recognize that the selection of a skilled private investigator can help you with your current situation.

Monitoring by using Global Positioning System

Should you believe your previous wife or husband heads a lifestyle which is not favorable to growing children, you have only to get evidence of this belief. Quite possibly you think that your previous partner is drinking and partying a lot, or perhaps making use of banned drugs. Nevertheless, no one can suggest this to the courtroom without having some proof. A private investigator can utilize GPS Tracking to discover how your previous wife or husband usually spends his or her precious time.

You could find out that she or he purchases harmful drugs, usually spends the entire day at the pub, and is an addictive gambler. You can even discover that not one of your current worries are genuine, wherein at least you may relax assured that your kids are secure while they are with your previous partner. Evidently, a private investigator can help you in either case.

Using Surveillance Cameras

Many private investigators offer Covert Surveillance Methods of your previous partner. In this way, you can get out a lot more as to what happens whenever she or he is at home or even job. In case you are interested with what your previous partner can do when he or she is around the children, you may ask for a nanny cam to be utilized, that is a miniature digital camera hidden inside a stuffed toy. When you believe that your ex-partner abuses or perhaps neglects the kids, you may get proof of it so that you could have them taken off that set up. A private investigator company will help you, as well as your child custody lawyer, must be able to provide you with valuable evidence in your child custody case.

Investigating Records

Not every event in your past spouse’s everyday life is a public record, which means that absolutely no quality of browsing may inform you just what your previous partner is up to nowadays. In case you are assured that a popular festivity in his or her presence would undoubtedly prevent him or her from receiving child custody, you require proof of it. Luckily, a private investigator may conduct a Public & Criminal Records Search which you failed even to understand were around. Additionally, you do not need to spend your time and effort to find facts that generate no fresh information for your condition.

The increased proof you will have against your past spouse, the better your position is. If you wish to have child custody, and you are nervous regarding your kids’ wellness in your former spouse’s care, you need to get the expert services of a private investigator. In case you are unsure where to begin, you can talk either with your current child custody lawyers or contact us at (833) 345-7778 to find on how to get custody of a child?

What is the Role of a Child Custody Private Investigator?

Whenever a couple gets divorced, splitting Assets as well as determining the conditions of the divorce may be a disturbing affair. And when there are kids concerned, issues become more involved as well as sentimental. Reports of mistreatment or perhaps disregard establishes which parent or guardian can keep the custody of the child and also under which circumstances the other parent may visit their child. Quite often you may find claims of physical or mental abuse or even additional factors that could establish a parent’s fitness, and then these types of applications might not be correct. Hence a child custody investigation will help make sure that your kids are safe and sound. It can provide testimony and proofs that will help determine the facts in the courtroom.

So what is the Task of a Child Custody Private Investigator?

A child custody private investigator might have approval by the family court, or they might be maintained by a mother or father who is involved in the custody process. Child custody investigations may be crucial while preparing a case for family court. Since the private detective or investigator can furnish testimony or proof that can determine misconduct on the part of the other parent, and also the type of surroundings the kids are subjected too.

The family court filings in a child custody cases are filled with allegations for example:

  1. Actual physical, psychological, or even sexual mistreatment
  2. Brainwashing
  3. Parental Alienation
  4. Damage to the child’s loving relationship with the other mother or father; or
  5. Mistreatment of the kid

A child custody private investigator may expose the fact or falsity of such kinds of statements, as well as a private investigator for child custody may give eyewitness testimony, written documents, as well as Video Evidence to aid or refute these types of allegations.

Private Investigators might use video surveillance to get video clips or more proof, speak with the mother and father as well as acquaintances of the mom and dad. And perform background checks on dad and mom or their acquaintances, and then question various other witnesses who appear in family court in support of the mother and father.

The inquiry might record the family’s home environment wherein the kid is residing along with the parent’s potential to appropriately take care of the kid. When a mother or father is abusing medicines or even alcoholic beverages and is behaving carelessly with the kid, the private investigator may record this with video footage and also eyewitness testimony. When usually there are allegations of mistreatment, the investigator may document the abuse or, with any luck, debunk the claims of abuse and also prove that these are not correct.

Verifying Acquaintances

If father and mother have parted, the acquaintances of the Non-Custodial Father & Mother tend to be an issue. A child custody private investigator determines who the father or mother is by getting into the house and even around the kid then verifies those persons’ pasts as well as the criminal background. In some instances wherein a kid claims mistreatment, the cause of the abuse might not be the birth mother or father. It might be an unsavory partner that the mother or father has permitted to have accessibility to the kid. In any event, you have to find what is occurring then record it with well-timed proof. Doing it safeguards the kid and it offers the mother and father along with the court a sense of security when they realize that there is no mistreatment.

Delivering Proof to ascertain what exactly is in the Best Welfare of the Kid

While Courts are determining custody, they are directed by the Perfect Welfare of the Child Standard. Even though the particulars can vary from government to government, Courts need to understand several elements which will help in deciding what custody agreement is going to be in the child’s best interest. Undoubtedly, when there is mistreatment, which will be a deciding element. The family court can look at the entire picture and find which parent or guardian is more able to provide support to the child. Wherein the baby is going to be safe, the psychological as well as physiological requirements of the mother and father as well as kids, and also which kind of expanded family members network is out there to assist in rearing the baby. Every jurisdiction features its laws and regulations that offer assistance to the courts about how one can figure out the best well being of the kid, but yet full recommendations can be found at

Child Custody Investigations can supply soundproof to the family court that will determine just what is in the child’s best interest. The inquiry will show whether placing the child with a parent is not in the child’s best interest. However, it may also give unbiased proof to establish whenever placement with a mother or father is in a child’s best interest.

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