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Child Support Investigations

Whenever one partner sees that she or he will probably be forced to Pay Child Support, she or he might make an effort to get his or her income appear lower. She or he might consort with a manager to hold up additional bonuses along with other occupational rights until after the divorce or separation. She or he might take a brief drop in hours to minimize income. In the case that the partner has a business enterprise, she or he might take measures to reduce the valuation on the business enterprise, for example taking up extra loans or postponing accumulating on payments due to the business. An alternate technique that a conniving partner might try would be to cut down standard working hours then work off the books for the same company or perhaps another one. However, a partner who happens to be getting monetary assistance might be engaging in an equally conniving behavior. For instance, she or he might be living with an intimate companion and then might not report these details in fear of forfeiting such support. Private investigators will help crack these types of strategies by examining financial records or carrying out surveillance.




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