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Shadow Company Investigations Contract


Breach of Contract

Buyer agrees to the terms of breach of contract that should any of the following conditions occur client will be in immediate breach of contract. Client jeopardizes case by telling anyone about the ongoing investigation, Client hires another Private investigation Company while also hiring Shadow Company Investigations, and Client displays stalking or dangerous type behavior toward person under investigation Like driving by the persons place of residence, driving by persons place of employment, taking video or pictures, or trying to conduct an investigation on their own or with friends or family members while the services of shadow company investigations have been retained, Client makes overt statements about harming the person or persons under investigation, Client lies to or withholds information from Shadow Company Investigations. Buyer lies about having a previous Private Investigator on the case or that anyone like a family member had been caught conducting surveillance on the party or parties under investigation and were caught doing so. Buyer agrees that by breach of contract for any reason there are absolutely no refunds.

Charge Back Clause

Buyer agrees that by filing a Charge Back or Dispute with Pay-Pal, any Bank, Credit Card Company, or any other Financial Institute or Court Proceeding the will be responsible for all fees including the original agreed investigation service purchased, any recovery fees including Legal Fees, Investigation Fees, Bank Fees & Overdrafts, Court Fees, Collection Fees, and Process Server Fees. Buyer Agrees not to attempt any Charge Back for any of the reasons offered such 1.) Unauthorized Charge, 2.) Services not as described, 3.) Did not receive service

Shipping / Tracking

All Investigative Reports will be mailed via certified mail and signed for by the buyer. Signing for the Private Investigators Report will acknowledge receipt of the Tangible Service. This also prevents buyer from fraudulently claiming Charge Back option as item not received to their Bank or Pay-Pal.


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