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Global Private Investigator Services

We provide expert Private Investigative Services, Surveillance, Background Investigations, Bug Sweeping, Fraud Investigations, Business Investigations, Infidelity Surveillance, Divorce Surveillance, Insurance Investigations, to all 50 states and Globally to over 145 countries. We have solved complex Private Investigations in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, Australia, Mexico & Latin America, and Egyptian Cities. We are a notch above most others due to the sheer experience possessed by our investigators coming from Law Enforcement Backgrounds. We back our credentials up with years of solving hundreds of cases around the world. We have solved Cold Cases, Homicides, Missing Persons, Located People around the world, Investigated Dirty Corporations, Provided Expert Criminal Defense Investigations, Fraud, Identity Theft, Drug Trafficking Investigations,Cargo Theft & Shipping Investigations, Political & Government Corruption Investigations, Forensic Financial Investigations, Embezzlement, Investment Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Human & Sex Trafficking Investigations, Extortion Investigations, Kidnapping, Ransom, and Abduction Investigations, Internet & Online Scams,in the largest cities in the world such as New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Missouri, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Global cities such as Paris,France, Cairo, Brazil, Manila, Tokyo, Beijing, Guam, Seoul, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Australia,Mexico City, Mexico, Brasilia, Brazil, Mexico, Northwest Territories, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Moscow, Russia, St. Petersburg,Russia Belgium, Germany, Norway, Oslow, Finland, Sweden, Madrid, Spain. If you need to locate missing persons, sibling, real birth parents, or lost family in all 50 states or around the globe we can help. Our Surveillance Investigators are very highly trained in solving divorce cases, Infidelity Cases, Workmen’s Compensation Surveillance, 

Background Checks Anywhere In The World

Integrity should be the the best policy? Regrettably, many people misuse that proverb and then tell untruths many times even in their job application forms. That is the reason organizations would like to know how to do a background check. Considerable time and funds are invested in employing as well as training a fresh employee. Hence organizations want to be sure that expenditure in a new hire pays off for them. An employee background check will put the company’s thoughts at rest.

There are numerous possibilities for a job seeker to be dishonest, be it in their application or creating job recommendations. With an employee background check or Employment Screening, a business may confirm whether the details on the job applicant’s resume are correct. What the Employee Background Check will do is determine if that prospective hire has ever been convicted of a criminal offense, served time in prison and validates whether his social security number fits who he states he is by a criminal record check. In some cases, that employee background check can look into his credit report and also his driving record on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles in his state of dwelling.

Many people may protest to getting their credit history, as well as driving records, be subject to a severe Criminal Background Check by a potential manager which is undoubtedly a legal issue. In spite of this, some tasks do need an investigation into his credit as well as driving background.

When a job seeker is being interviewed for a job at a financial institution, or perhaps other banks wherein managing cash is an everyday scenario, that credit history received by an employee background check might be a good sign of just how a prospective worker will handle somebody else’s money. By the same sign, in case a firm is employing bus drivers or car drivers that may handle an eighteen-wheeler, would not you like somebody with a clean driving record?

Companies should report to the job seeker that they can conduct an employee background check or criminal record check. Legitimately, right now there needs to be a different document from the job application that a potential job seeker fills out to verify this employee background check or criminal background check. It is essential to realize that in case companies need to dig into credit reports, they need to be upfront and then notify an individual when he is declined for a job due to a criminal background check.

One more area of the employee background check is the confirmation of personal as well as business recommendations due to the potential job seeker. Recommendations will always provide the best opinion of the job seeker.

Hence although personal recommendations may be useful, a choice to hire or not hire somebody must not rest on those suggestions. But, an employee background check into business recommendations are essential in deciding a potential employee’s work ethic, whether they are more active on their own or like a team, their salaries and how quickly they were promoted.

In this particular era of rising criminal activities, mainly white collar crimes, it will be practical, to have a criminal background check. Investing the money right now will probably save a business lot of money later on lawsuits. So call us right now for background checks in your company  or fill out the contact form below with any questions you may have. 

Ways a Private Investigator can help with Child Custody Case

Every case is different but there are some common types of cases that our private detectives or investigators have been handling on a regular basis for Child Custody Lawyers, and our associated tactics have proven to be successful in protecting the best interests of the child in these situations. Given below are some of the common issues you or your child custody lawyers are going to face during a child custody case. Hence, our chief private investigator Jack Clusso (name changed to protect identity) enumerates here as to how being one of the premier global investigating agency Shadow Company Investigation based in St. Louis, Missouri can help you come out of it with flying colors:

Custody Disagreements

In some custody disagreements, we get queries from child custody lawyers or even fathers and mothers contesting a child custody case who worry that they can deal with an irrational as well as untruthful ex-wife or husband in the courtroom. In cases like this, we perform an investigation directed at arming you with the details. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty however if you might deal with fake accusations, it’s advisable to get the proof readily available to disprove these.

During these types of cases, we utilize the following techniques:

  • Video Surveillance of a mother or father with the kid in their everyday life.

  • Gathering of witness records to verify the conduct as well as reputation of a mom or dad and also

  • Conduct a background study into one or perhaps both the parents to determine whether or not they may be of sound economic standing, to see if they have any specific felony record.

Custody Contract Violations

In a child custody case when you presume your ex-husband or wife is violating their custody contract or perhaps worse, you realize it’s occurring on a regular basis then you definitely will need proof to confirm this. A private investigator can collect evidence of common custody violations, such as:

  • Late to pick-up or perhaps drop your kid while you are transmitting custody

  • Violation of Custody Terms & Conditions for example, when they are not able to bring your son or daughter to prearranged appointments and so on.

  • Presence of unsavory or maybe undesirable acquaintances once the mother or father has got custody of the child

Child Mistreatment as well as Disregard

Child mistreatment as well as disregard is a severe issue in a child custody case that need quick involvement. Some of the well-known proof of Physical & Mental Abuse or disregard consists of:

  • Black eyes, bruises, or even some other visible physical maltreatment 

  • Under performance in school 

  • Mood changes or perhaps unexpected adverse reactions

  • Desire to no more be around a particular human being

  • Stealing from other people or even frequently demanding cash for food (when already provided)

  • A malnourished or underfed physical appearance

  • An unkempt or maybe unwashed physical appearance

When any one of these indications seems to be found, then you definitely have to take action. Private investigators can furnish speedy affirmation of mistreatment or disregard, and also give proof to you as well as the cops. Regrettably, the responsibility is on you to supply evidence for this behavior before any specific family court date, and so before any particular accusations or even allegations were made. When you allege that your son or daughter has been mistreated and can’t back this up it may damage your odds of having partial or even complete custody of your child. So contact us now 

Can a Private Investigator Help My Divorce Case?

Divorce itself is an emotionally, financially and physically taxing for both Husband, Wife, Kids and the families involved. It is a time when ties are severed and leave a long and indelible mark on one’s life. But if you receive professional help, then you can comfortably ride this wave. And come out of it unscathed and turn this chapter and move on with your life with minimum scars to count on. It is the point in one’s life where not only one needs the help of a learned attorney at law specializing in family law cases, but also the expertise of a private detective agency who has the necessary skills for dealing with such type of cases both emotionally and legally. Our Shadow Company Investigations based at St. Louis Missouri has in our team such private detective and investigators who can become the eyes and ears of your divorce case and bring forth such damning evidence helping you immensely and win it with élan.

Once we consider private investigators, many of us think about something from a film: the private investigator rests in his car, chewing a sandwich and even smokes a cigar when he attempts to capture an Unfaithful Spouse and the lover in an uncompromising position.

In what way can a Private Investigator help in your divorce case?

Private investigation companies are appointed to help with family law court cases. In spite of this, most of the time, the proof they gather is circumstantial compared to what you observe in the films. If the lawsuit entails extramarital relationships, the partners are often prudent enough that the video is PG-rated at most. Nevertheless, each P.I has got tales of capturing individuals in the act and even recording a few very personal, exposing moments on video.

How Do You Find Assets?

If you want to learn someone’s net worth, or if you are pondering over a divorce or separation settlement or perhaps would like to know the creditworthiness of an individual, one can find it necessary to validate someone’s assets. The procedure will, nevertheless, end up confused, mainly if you may not know where you can begin. So you are having many queries like how to find out someone’s financial status? How to find hidden bank accounts? How to do an asset search after death? How to find out how much a person is worth? How to see the net worth of a person? How to find out where a business bank? And so on explained the senior private detective from Shadow Company Investigations looking after hidden asset search cases in the Middle East countries like Iran(Tehran), Israel(Jerusalem), Jordan(Amman), Kuwait(Kuwait City), Lebanon(Beirut), Oman(Muscat), Palestine (Ramallah), Qatar(Doha), Saudi Arabia(Riyadh), Turkey(Ankara), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Bahrain (Manama), Cyprus(Nicosia), Egypt(Cairo). Shadow Company Investigations is also one of the pioneer global private detective agency providing comprehensive investigation services. Shadow Company Investigations also has vital assets in some important locales worldwide like Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, Mexico, North America, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. So call our private investigator today at from the Shadow Company Investigations LLC, at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America to know more about infidelity surveillance services. Also at times the conventional first thought that comes to mind when you want to find out someone’s assets would be to check the banks. Nevertheless, that may not be so simple, since having accessibility to someone’s own financial information is guarded under the legislation. You may need appropriate verification to achieve this. What exactly is an excellent solution to discover someone’s possessions until you begin making the procedure complicated as well as cluttered? We take a look at this from the start advised the chief private investigator from the Shadow Company Investigations handling hidden asset search cases in the Middle East nations such as Saudi Arabia(Riyadh), Turkey(Ankara), United Arab Emirates(Abu Dhabi), Bahrain (Manama), Cyprus(Nicosia), Egypt(Cairo), Iran(Tehran), Israel(Jerusalem), Jordan(Amman), Kuwait(Kuwait City), Lebanon(Beirut), Oman(Muscat), Palestine(Ramallah), Qatar(Doha).

Infidelity Surveillance Investigations

Many married people (80% or even more) believe that they can get a conventional monogamous marital relationship. In spite of this, the husband and wife would not take part in a precise conversation regarding infidelity in marriage or extra-marital affairs (EMA). They erroneously think that marital infidelity happens after ten to twenty years of marital relationship knowing that the primary reason is sexual boredom. In fact, 35-45% of marriages comprise of a sexual or psychological infidelity in marriage. However, these are more than likely to happen in the initial five years of the marital relationship, particularly in the initial two years. Sexual boredom is rarely a significant reason.

The majority of individuals choose an essential prevention program instead of dealing with love relationship after marriage as well as try to rebound the marital relationship. The protection from infidelity in marriage agreement usually includes three parts.

The first is dependent on the supposition that Infidelity can happen with many individuals as well as most couples. Thereby identification as well as accepting of personal as well as couple’s susceptibility elements is vital. Mainly, every husband or wife recognizes which kind of circumstances, feeling, or person makes these people susceptible to infidelity in marriage. These types of vulnerabilities are explained to the husband or wife making sure that both of them understand prospective higher-risk individuals, circumstances, as well as temperaments. Discussing as well as accepting your vulnerabilities is remedial by itself in addition to improving each person’s understanding.

Secondly, the husband and wife can agree to verbally inform each other when they are in high-risk circumstances instead of hastily or even quietly working out the marital infidelity opportunity.

This arrangement helps in carrying out a mental cost-benefit evaluation of the infidelity in marriage as well as their effect on the individual, spouse, as well as their marital relationship. It will make the potency infidelity in marriage a painful as well as an unpleasant procedure and robs it of secrecy, spontaneity, as well as an illegal transgression.

The final component is the determination to inform the wife or husband within 72 hrs. In case there has been an emotional or physiological marital infidelity event. With infidelity in marriage, the wounded spouse’s emotions regarding deceitful, as well as betrayal, develop over a period. Usually, this will lead to delivering the marital infidelity much more power than it should get. A significant problem for partners who conveniently recover from marital infidelity is always to generate an authentic narrative. Regarding the infidelity in marriage which provides them make meaning of the marital infidelity, find good as well as bad personal and also couple understanding, and generate a better bond. It is simpler to do when wounded partners cope with marital infidelity in a well-timed as well as effectual manner.

Process Server Services all 50 States & Globally

In case you are involved with a court case or perhaps legal process, you may have to hire a process server. A process server company has got process servers that are skilled in delivering crucial legal documents to their proposed receiver. You might ponder the reason why you can’t mail these types of docs in the post. Employing a process server will make sure that the receiver is not able to claim ignorance or even which they haven’t got the legal documents. The post could get missing in transit and also people can shift home a process server can seek out the receiver and even get evidence of delivery to make sure this doesn’t take place. Hence whenever you are involved in a legal issue, you may have questions like what are process serving companies. What are process serving rules? How much is a process server’s salary? How to become a process server in St. Louis, Missouri? What is a process server training? Also, if you are entangled in some legal problems, then you might think on how to avoid a process server? In the given below article the chief private investigator from Shadow Company Investigation having extensive experience in St. Louis County, Missouri, St. Charles County, Missouri City, and Missouri State Wide. Shadow Company Investigations can also serve your court papers Nationwide or Globally if the need arises. 

Surveillance Investigation Services 

People who hire private investigators might be billed by the hour or even a set price, based on their agreement with the private investigator. The additional time that an investigator needs to take to pursue the objective, videotape him or her and also report back to the individual who employed him or her the more costly it will be. Better information and complete investigative tasks are usually needed whenever a family court action is concerned as well as the private investigator is anticipated to offer these details to be provided like proof in family court. To be supplied like proof, it has got to be appropriately authenticated as well as the attorney has to be able to display a basis for the evidence. Usually, judges who accept infidelity into deliberation wish to see harder evidence. When compared to an ambiguous video of a husband or wife heading to a big apartment complex to presume the insinuation that a husband or wife was unfaithful there clarified the senior crime scene investigator from the Shadow Company Investigations who has extensive experience in Middle East nations like Kuwait(Kuwait City), Lebanon(Beirut), Oman(Muscat), Palestine (Ramallah), Qatar(Doha), Saudi Arabia(Riyadh), Turkey(Ankara), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Bahrain (Manama), Cyprus(Nicosia), Egypt(Cairo), Iran(Tehran), Iraq(Baghdad), Israel(Jerusalem), Jordan(Amman). A private investigator could use other techniques to verify the veracity of an investigation if the family court is involved, like determining who the husband or wife is with or even who resides in a specific flat. Also, a private investigator usually does surveillance of the objective for many days to be able to build a style of behavior that shows that they both tend to be more than merely friends explained the senior PI from Shadow Company Investigations LLC based at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America.

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