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How to know if you have GPS Tracker?

How to know if your being Tracked by GPS?

How to Know if your car has a GPS Tracking Device?

How to Find a Hidden Camera?

How to Find a Hidden Phone?

How to Know if Your Being Hacked?

How to Know if You Being Recorded?

How to Know if Your being Tracked on a Cell Phone?

How to Know if You Being a Cyber Stalked?

How to Know if Your Being Followed by a PI.

How to Find Our if Your Being Followed?

Is it legal to install a GPS Tracker for a Divorce Investigation?

Yes! in Missouri it is perfectly legal to do so as long as you do not trespass on private property. However, all states differ on this law.

In case you are contemplating a divorce or even undergoing divorce proceedings, you may be doubtful of your wife or husband. In past times, perhaps it made good sense once they informed you they would work late. Maybe you didn’t imagine anything of it. However now, you begin to ponder whether they are where they claim that they can be. You consider whether they are deceiving you. Whenever you start to feel skeptical of your wife or husband divorce may be an actual possibility. If it is the situation, you may want to monitor exactly where your wife or husband goes. Many people accomplish this by placing tracing equipment on their spouse’s automobile. Before you put a tracking device on your spouse’s car, you need to find out if this action is legal or not. Also, there are numerous questions which may come to your mind like can I use GPS tracking online? What is a GPS tracking app? Can we do GPS tracking mobile number online? What is a GPS tracking system? What is a GPS tracking device? What is GPS tracking software?  What are the GPS tracking laws by state? Can a private investigator put a GPS on my car? Is it illegal to put GPS tracking device on the car? What is a GPS tracker? If you are in the US, then you must know GPS tracking laws in Pennsylvania, or GPS tracking laws in California, or GPS tracking laws in Alabama, or GPS tracking laws in Arizona or for instance in the state of Texas, using a GPS device to track your spouse will be legal in some situations. But, it will be illegal in others explained the senior private investigator having extensive experience in using GPS tracking device in the middle eastern countries like Bahrain (Manama), Cyprus(Nicosia), Egypt(Cairo), Iran(Tehran), Iraq(Baghdad), Israel(Jerusalem), Jordan(Amman), Kuwait(Kuwait City), Lebanon(Beirut), Oman(Muscat), Palestine(Ramallah), Qatar(Doha), Saudi Arabia(Riyadh), Turkey(Ankara), United Arab Emirates(Abu Dhabi) and is from the Shadow Company Investigations which is one of the leading global private investigative agency providing comprehensive investigation services like:

  1. Divorce Surveillance 
  2. GPS tracking 
  3. Process Serving
  4. Infidelity Surveillance 
  5. Private Investigation Services for Businesses 
  6. Hidden Asset Searches 
  7. Child Custody Surveillance 

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Shadow Company Investigations services has important assets in some prominent locations across the globe such as Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, Mexico, North America, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

So call our private investigator today at (833) 345-7778 from the Shadow Company Investigations LLC, at St. Louis, Ohio in the United States of America to know more about GPS tracking services.

In this article, we will discuss important factors such as:

  1. What is a tracking device?
  2. When is it legal to use a GPS device to track your spouse?
  3. How to defend yourself from a GPS tracking device charge?
  4. What are the penalties for this crime?

What could be a tracking device?

Tracking gadgets that relate to this scenario are mechanized or digital tracking gadgets. Specifically, this refers to any specific device which can produce an electronic signal or even frequency to recognize, check, or also document a person’s precise location. A standard illustration of this kind of gadget is the Global positioning system device. An easy example of a monitoring gadget is an odometer. It is because an individual can verify the odometer to ascertain just how far an individual drove in a particular time frame. Hence, in case your wife or husband stated they were jogging to the workplace, that is five miles down the road, however they come back with fifty miles on the odometer, you could believe that they were not telling the truth answered the private detective handling investigations in middle east nations such as  Oman(Muscat), Palestine(Ramallah), Qatar(Doha), Saudi Arabia(Riyadh), Turkey(Ankara), United Arab Emirates(Abu Dhabi), Bahrain (Manama), Cyprus(Nicosia), Egypt(Cairo), Iran(Tehran), Iraq(Baghdad), Israel(Jerusalem), Jordan(Amman), Kuwait(Kuwait City), Lebanon(Beirut).

What are the legal conditions for employing a tracking unit?

As stated before, monitoring products are lawful in certain circumstances and also unlawful in some others. A couple of points ought to have taken into consideration to ascertain the situation in your position. Initially, it would be best if you thought about owner permission. Likewise, it would be best if you thought about what goes on when both partners mutually own the car.

Under Texas statutes, you may put a monitoring gadget on somebody else’s car with that person’s permission. There is undoubtedly certain ambiguity in the legislation while one partner puts the monitoring gadget on the other spouse’s car. When the tracked husband or wife is the owner of or perhaps leases the car entirely in his or her name, then is unlawful for the non-owner husband or wife to put up a monitoring gadget in it. If it occurs, the husband or wife who put the device could get criminally prosecuted for stalking and also any proof acquired is not going to apply in a family law court.

However, when the car is owned and operated mutually in both names, and also each party drives the vehicle, one party can lawfully set up monitoring device without the knowledge of the other one. Normally even though the car is acquired as well as registered in both names, it is beyond doubt that just one partner drives the car, it might be unlawful for the non-driving wife or husband to set up a monitoring gadget on it cautioned the senior PI from Shadow Company Investigations handling Middle East investigations.

Dealing with Illegal Placement of a Monitoring Device

When you place a monitoring device on your spouse’s car without their consent, then you certainly will encounter criminal charges. You can face charges for illegal set up of a monitoring device. Here, let us explore what illegal setup of a monitoring device is. Also, explore the defenses to this charge. Lastly, you could find out about the implications of it should you or your wife or husband get convicted informed the chief private investigator from Shadow Company Investigations Inc., based at St. Louis, Missouri in the U.S.

What is illegal set up of monitoring device?

In case you are in the state of Texas, illegal set up of a monitoring gadget is a legal offense. It prevents individuals from tracking other people’s whereabouts without permission. Without the consent of the owner, you can still find a couple of ways in which you may set up these kinds of devices in their car. When you get a family court permission or court order to accomplish this, you could deploy a monitoring gadget without having a fear of dealing with this charge. In case you are a law enforcement officer setting up while having an investigation is permitted. You may confront an indictment for illegal set up of monitoring gadget in some instances. It could happen when you deploy a mechanized or digital monitoring device on a car which is owned or even leased by somebody else without their awareness forewarned the senior crime scene investigator having extensive experience in handling investigations in middle eastern countries like Iran(Tehran), Iraq(Baghdad), Israel(Jerusalem), Jordan(Amman), Kuwait(Kuwait City), Lebanon(Beirut), Oman(Muscat), Palestine(Ramallah), Qatar(Doha), Saudi Arabia(Riyadh), Turkey(Ankara), United Arab Emirates(Abu Dhabi), Bahrain (Manama), Cyprus(Nicosia), Egypt(Cairo).


There is currently no punishment for using GPS Tracking Devices in the State of Missouri because it is not illegal. However, be sure to check each state for their specific laws on this matter as they may vary. In many states outside of Missouri it can be considered a Misdemeanor to place a tracking device on another persons vehicle without their knowledge. 


When you deal with illegal set up of monitoring device charges, you must defend yourself. You have 3 main arguments that you may utilize. The primary involves effective permission. It happens when the owner of the car (your partner) permit you to place a monitoring gadget in their vehicle. In case you have that spoken or even written permission, you may use it as a defense. It will help out when they seek to have you arrested by the police for setting up the device.

Another typical defense is when you got misled into setting up a monitoring gadget. When you assisted someone else set up a monitoring device, lacking the knowledge of what it was or even their purpose, it may not be your mistake. When you thought that these people were a peace officer, however they are not, it is not your mistake. Alternatively, if someone is a peace officer, however, they don’t have the permission to get a monitoring gadget installed; it is not your mistake. You may use this as a defense.

The concluding defense comes about when the individual who placed it was a certified private investigator. When the investigator carries written permission or consent from the family court to deploy the monitoring gadget, this is utilized like a defense answered the licensed PI from Shadow Company Investigations handling similar cases in the Middle East nations.


When you get permission, it might be the ultimate protection. It may indicate implied consent or specific permission provided by the owner of the car. In either case, you should get confirmation in writing or verbally from your wife or husband. Your legal representative must assert this before a judge, and so getting penned permission makes it simpler. One more defense is the fact that you failed to realize that you had been placing a device in the car. When you were unable to recognize that the device got monitoring capabilities, then you certainly could utilize this as a defense.

For anyone who is enthusiastic about these kinds of technology, you can ask our divorce case investigator, who can certainly help in your divorce case investigation since Shadow Company Investigations based at St. Louis. Ohio in the United States of America is a licensed global private investigating agency.

Shadow Company Investigations Inc. also has its assets in some prominent locations across the globe such as Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, Mexico, North America, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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