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In need of an expert private investigator to handle relationship investigations? We have got you covered. We provide professional and discreet private investigation services that keeps you informed and court-ready (depending on the case), without any trouble or need for hassles.

Let’s get to it…

Have you ever had a long day at work but just kept reminding yourself that there’s someone whose arms you can jump into once you get past your door? It’s quite an excellent and relaxing feeling and something everyone wishes to experience sometimes. But this is not always the case. There are days you feel your spouse is up to something, and you just cannot lay on your hands on it. You have probably confronted them and gotten no real positive reply or result. What do you do?

Another scenario is your once super caring spouse always bring up reasons he/she cannot be home anymore, taking unexplained overdue hours at work, having extra expenses which cannot be explained, canceling out on moments when you’re together and so on. The signs are always there. But what do you do?

After all, you believe in their judgment and trust; they won’t disappoint you by cheating with something else. BUT the feeling that something is amiss can’t just leave your mind.

According to statistics, it’s been confirmed that when a spouse has a feeling their partner is martially unfaithful, 80 -90% of the time, this is true. That is only a statistical fact and not the case with every relationship out there. But how do you know your once loving spouse has not turned his/her back on your relationship? How can you be sure you can still get home and jump into their arms?

You see, the worst part about the instinctual feeling of cheating in a relationship is not knowing? You must have thought “I may be wrong, it could be a workday issue…” or “something must be troubling him/her, and they haven’t found a way to tell me…”. It could be those, or it could be that your spouse is actually with someone else.

Who do you need?

What it will take to find out the actual condition of your relationship is the services of a private investigator. And not just any private investigator. You need someone who has experience in order not to jeopardize the whole exercise. You need someone confidential and discreet in operation. You also need someone who can at least follow legal rudiments while carrying out surveillance exercise. Lastly, you need someone who can give you accurate results (or answers), with tangible proof.

A professional private investigator (like we are), will always work with you to discover what your exact needs are and how he/she can make you get those needs settled. The typical investigator may be an amateur who knows the theory of being a private investigator, but the season private investigator knows where and how to look without giving room for any suspicion by the subject.

That’s who we are. We are seasoned investigators who place enough emphasis on crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s during any mission or exercise. This means you can have clear privacy irrespective of who we are investigating and their location.


Why should you trust us with your relationship investigation?

We understand you need your privacy. We know you prefer to tell your relationship issues to your closest friend than to describe someone who is called a Private Investigator. But, let’s set things straight. Who is likely to give you the answer you need about your spouse, your friends or us? The question answers itself.

As a private investigation agency, we understand why you’d want to be private about such matters, and our best investigators are as well. Every investigator is expected to sign an oath of confidentiality to prove we value every information you provide us.

You don’t want to take your case to any law enforcement, and we know this – after all, that’s why you need the services of a private investigator.

Working with us means you trust we will be able to deliver on our promises and we assure you, we will do our best to.

How do we operate – what are the rudiments of our operation?

We may not be able to entrust you with the nitty gritty of our works as private investigators. But here’s what we can do: tell you the necessary step that is involved with making your results happen.

Firstly, we need to gather enough information form you about the subject (in this case, your spouse). We need every detail we can get about where you believe they usually go and where their offices are and what they typically do. Any information you provide can go a long way in helping us find out what’s not in place in their schedule and make progress from there.

Next is the mission phase, where your assigned matrimonial investigation expert uses surveillance equipment and untradeable private investigation skills to get proof on whether your spouse is cheating or not.

The investigative process could take up a day or days because proof of testimony needs to be present to validate whatever claims we have.

The truth is, you have a right to know if you have an unfaithful spouse or not, and we are here to help you get those facts together. Give us a call today or leave us an email. We’ll get back to you immediately.

Illinois Counties We Serve

Adams County, IL, Alexander County, IL, Bond County, IL, Boone County, IL, Brown County, IL, Bureau County, IL, Calhoun County, IL, Carroll County, IL, Cass County, IL, Champaign County, IL, Christian County, IL, Clark County, IL, Clay County, IL, Clinton County, IL, Coles County, IL, Cook County, IL, Crawford County, IL, Cumberland County, IL, De Kalb County, IL, De Witt County, IL, Douglas County, IL, Du Page County, IL, Edgar County, IL, Edwards County, IL, Effingham County, IL, Fayette County, IL, Ford County, IL, Franklin County, IL, Fulton County, IL, Gallatin County, IL, Greene County, IL, Grundy County, IL, Hamilton County, IL, Hancock County, IL, Hardin County, IL, Henderson County, IL, Henry County, IL, Iroquois County, IL, Jackson County, IL, Jasper County, IL, Jefferson County, IL, Jersey County, IL, Jo Daviess County, IL, Johnson County, IL, Kane County, IL, Kankakee County, IL, Kendall County, IL, Knox County, IL, Lake County, IL, LaSalle County, IL, Lawrence County, IL, Lee County, IL, Livingston County, IL, Logan County, IL, Macon County, IL, Macoupin County, IL, Madison County, IL, Marion County, IL, Marshall County, IL, Mason County, IL, Massac County, IL, McDonough County, IL, McHenry County, IL, McLean County, IL, Menard County, IL, Mercer County, IL, Monroe County, IL, Montgomery County, IL, Morgan County, IL, Moultrie County, IL, Ogle County, IL, Peoria County, IL, Perry County, IL, Piatt County, IL, Pike County, IL, Pope County, IL, Pulaski County, IL, Putnam County, IL, Randolph County, IL, Richland County, IL, Rock Island County, IL, Saint Clair County, IL, Saline County, IL, Sangamon County, IL, Schuyler County, IL, Scott County, IL, Shelby County, IL, Stark County, IL, Stephenson County, IL, Tazewell County, IL, Union County, IL, Vermillion County, IL, Wabash County, IL, Warren County, IL, Washington County, IL, Wayne County, IL, White County, IL, Whiteside County, IL, Will County, IL, Williamson County, IL, Winnebago County, IL, Woodford County, IL




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