Illinois Child Custody & Visitation Suveillance Investigations in Illinois

Child Custody Investigation – private investigation service


Expert Investigation on your child custody case with guaranteed results

Our private investigators are experts in cases involving child custody. From obtaining information about custodial parents to organizing this information, we can help you obtain full custody of your child or retain your custody in cases of allegation from a former partner. Our private investigators are experts at what they do, providing you with enough information to make a win with your child custody case.

What is Child Custody Investigation?

Like most investigation, a child custody investigation involves observing and uncovering truths. However, with a child custody investigation, it consists in obtaining enough information about the well being of a child, including treatment and conditions that a child is placed in. Child custody investigations are the go-to option for most couples in cases involving divorce or separation.

Role of a private investigator in a child custody investigation

A private investigator handling a typical child custody investigation does an excellent job of accessing the treatment of the child received from his/her custodial parents. The questions usually asked are: “do they meet the minimum standard?” “are they acceptable?” “do they place the child in any undue harm?”, etc. Every conclusion is reported by the investigator to the court and used to evaluate the child’ immediate custody. It is expected that during divorce cases, a child custody investigation will provide unbiased evidence to be used by the court.

As a private investigator agency, we will work closely with you to ensure you get the best information regarding the safety of your child. We can carry out full background check and surveillance, interview close friends and family till enough information is gathered regarding the security of your child.

Our private investigators will present reports based on direct observation of your child from shelter to feeding. Ill-treatment and malnourishment will be noted, drug abuse and exposure to alcoholism will also be noted, among other findings. Reports are either presented as written pieces or in photographic, audio or video formats with a finesse detailing.


How does our child custody investigation service work?

Our private investigators will use surveillance systems to determine how a child is treated (though this is on a case-by-case basis). Every information presented during the legal proceedings of child custody needs to be corroborated by real and tangible evidence, which is where we come in.

Our private investigators will document abuse, neglect, or ill-treatment observed in the form of images, audio, and video files. We will also work with neighbors or friends by interviewing them to find out what they can tell about the welfare of your child. Our private investigators will observe for alcohol usage by a parent, gambling and criminal activities, lousy driving, drug abuse, and other behavioral patterns that are likely to hurt the child. Our investigators will also look out for the shelter of your child to ensure it is safe and healthy. Other intangible necessities of a child are also observed like emotional support and care.

Any signs of the absence of positive remarks in either of the ab0ve is a high starting point is you are looking to gain full custody. Our investigators are fully trained to know if a child was genuinely safe and comfortable. In cases where a custodial parent is maltreating your child, our private investigators will also testify in court as a witness.

Our child custody investigation service provides for the different types of child custody.

  • Joint Physical Custody: this is usually demanding on the child both emotionally and physically, as they’ll have to split their time with both parents.
  • Joint Legal Custody: in a joint legal custody scenario, parents involved can provide suggestions and make unanimous decisions about the child. There are cases where no agreement is reached by either parent, and an issue will have to be settled in court.
  • Legal Custody: this allows both parents to make full legal decisions regarding the child’ wellbeing.
  • Physical custody: in this type of custody, a court determines which parent the child lives with.
  • Single/Sole custody: a single parent has both legal and physical rights regarding a child. They have the right to make decisions and determine the majority of the child’s upbringing. The other parent may have just visitation rights but is limited in making decisions regarding the child.

How to know if you need the services of a child custody investigator

You can request a child custody investigation from us if you find yourself in either of the following situations.

  • You are concerned about the safety of your child: before separation, you lived with your ex-spouse, and you know if they are unfit to take care of your child. In this case, you can employ the services of a private investigator to provide legal evidence which will help collaborate your custody case in court. Our private investigators will function effectively in providing reliable evidence which will support in keeping your child safe and from unhealthy environments.


  • False Accusation of neglect: in child custody cases, it’s not unlikely that a parent will accuse the custodial parent of neglect or abuse of stripping you of custodial privileges or limit access to the child. In either case, a private investigator can help provide information regarding proper conduct and due diligence.


  • Other reasons can include peace of mind or requirement of the law to conduct surveillance.

Illinois Counties We Serve

Adams County, IL, Alexander County, IL, Bond County, IL, Boone County, IL, Brown County, IL, Bureau County, IL, Calhoun County, IL, Carroll County, IL, Cass County, IL, Champaign County, IL, Christian County, IL, Clark County, IL, Clay County, IL, Clinton County, IL, Coles County, IL, Cook County, IL, Crawford County, IL, Cumberland County, IL, De Kalb County, IL, De Witt County, IL, Douglas County, IL, Du Page County, IL, Edgar County, IL, Edwards County, IL, Effingham County, IL, Fayette County, IL, Ford County, IL, Franklin County, IL, Fulton County, IL, Gallatin County, IL, Greene County, IL, Grundy County, IL, Hamilton County, IL, Hancock County, IL, Hardin County, IL, Henderson County, IL, Henry County, IL, Iroquois County, IL, Jackson County, IL, Jasper County, IL, Jefferson County, IL, Jersey County, IL, Jo Daviess County, IL, Johnson County, IL, Kane County, IL, Kankakee County, IL, Kendall County, IL, Knox County, IL, Lake County, IL, LaSalle County, IL, Lawrence County, IL, Lee County, IL, Livingston County, IL, Logan County, IL, Macon County, IL, Macoupin County, IL, Madison County, IL, Marion County, IL, Marshall County, IL, Mason County, IL, Massac County, IL, McDonough County, IL, McHenry County, IL, McLean County, IL, Menard County, IL, Mercer County, IL, Monroe County, IL, Montgomery County, IL, Morgan County, IL, Moultrie County, IL, Ogle County, IL, Peoria County, IL, Perry County, IL, Piatt County, IL, Pike County, IL, Pope County, IL, Pulaski County, IL, Putnam County, IL, Randolph County, IL, Richland County, IL, Rock Island County, IL, Saint Clair County, IL, Saline County, IL, Sangamon County, IL, Schuyler County, IL, Scott County, IL, Shelby County, IL, Stark County, IL, Stephenson County, IL, Tazewell County, IL, Union County, IL, Vermillion County, IL, Wabash County, IL, Warren County, IL, Washington County, IL, Wayne County, IL, White County, IL, Whiteside County, IL, Will County, IL, Williamson County, IL, Winnebago County, IL, Woodford County, IL



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