For people or companies needing to hire Discreet & Professional Intelligence Services for Counter-Intelligence, Counter-Surveillance, Intelligence Gathering, Corporate Intelligence, Competitive Business Intelligence or Defense Intelligence Services, they trust Shadow Company, a Security Company that has among the best awards winning Private Intelligence Services to offer the public and private entities by providing former law enforcement special operations personnel possessing over 25 years of real world world operational experience in S.W.A.T. & Sniper missions roles in Law Enforcement. For a free quote on our Discreet & Private Intelligence Services call us today.

About us

When people or companies need to hire a Private Security Company they trust none other than Dark Site Operations, a Private Security & Executive Protection Company that is comprised of former Law Enforcement Special Operations Personnel with 25 years combined experience in conducting real world Law Enforcement High Risk Swat Sniper Missions, Dignitary Protection for Presidential Candidates, and Covert Operations as a Private Investigations Agency consulting on Security & Investigations Globally. The owner and operator, Michael Bland is a former highly decorated St. Louis County Police Officer who has received numerous awards as an officer and is most know for apprehending a Russian Nationalist whom was the first person entered wanted as a Terrorist in the State of Missouri, apprehended a man who was a domestic terrorist enroute to a Nuclear Power Plant armed with an arsenal of weapons, and taken into custody by the F.B.I., as well as taking down yet another Domestic Extremist group that was operating in numerous states at which time Bland was instrumental in providing Sniper Over Watch for these take downs assisted by the F.B.I., Kentucky State Police Swat Team, United States Coast Guard Intelligence Division, A.T.F., and several other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. After Law Enforcement Career Michael Bland owned and operated Shadow Company Global Investigations firm and conducted Private Investigations for 8 years successfully in the State of Missouri and Globally.


For a Free Private Security Consultation for Dark Site Operations vast array of Private Security Services we can be reached 24 hours a day at our toll free business line our you can leave a detailed email message via the Dark Site Operations Contact Page and a highly trained Private Security Contractor form the Dark Site Operations Company will be in touch to see if we can provide you with our expert Security or Protection Services.

Private Security Services We Offer

We are not your average Security Company that we offer many highly specialized Security & Executive Protection Services that many firms either do not have the experience to provide or the confidence to successfully carry the services out. When people or executives need Private Security Contractors that can act Covertly, Discreetly, and think Asymmetrically in our missions’ approach and capabilities there is no other Private Security Firm that has the skill sets we have. When execs, board members, politicians, high wealth families, or dignitaries need protection services they always trust and call upon Dark Site Operations for their ability to finish the job covert protective services ability and training in all weapons platforms and emergency medical training in the case of an emergency during Tactical & Armed Response Security Services while operating as Private Security & Private Military Contractors.

Private Security, Armed Guards, Bodyguards

Businesses, Residential Communities, Government Facilities, Construction Zones, Industrial Plants.

Air Security (DCA Access) and Concierge Services for executives. Air security, private security protection, Security Guards, Armed Guards, Bodyguards.

Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services we offer rank among the highest quality Security Guard Services. We provide expert trained Armed & Unarmed Security professionals to protect communities, warehouses, gated communities, retail, commercial, and entertainment events by providing a safe atmosphere from violent attacks that have increased two-fold over the last decade such as active shooter attacks, bombings, terrorism, and domestic extremists. Crime is also running rampant leaving police departments unable to provide a sense of feeling or being safe any longer to the public. We fill this need by providing private security guard services & police patrol services that have powers of arrest and a direct line of communication to their police department or emergency fire & medical rescue services when most security companies have the long delay of calling a security dispatcher and then checking with a supervisor to see if they need to escalate a situation. This is the difference when you hire dark Site Operations you know you have hired Law Enforcement Professionals with 25 years’ experience and are very confident in making tough decisions with no time to think about it.

Why Hire a Local Private Security Agency?

The reason to hire a local Private Security Company like Dark Site Operations is that you have a local friendly face that you can get to know, and trust verses a nationwide cookie cutter security company that just slaps up a website covering numerous locations on the map and really has no idea about the culture, layout, or local laws in your area. Our Security & Protection professionals we provide have worked the streets of Missouri and St. Louis as street cops for their entire career and there is no better experience than this for people or companies looking to hire Secutiy Officers or Protection Specialists. We hire only Military Veterans or Law Enforcement trained personnel who undergo a rigorous background investigation, drug screening, and polygraph testing to insure we are hiring the very best in the private security industry to meet your needs.

A Private Security Company trusted above all others

The reason we are trusted as the best Private Security Company is because the founder Michael Bland personally makes sure that Dark Site Operations abides by all Local, State, and Federal Laws regarding the Security industry, Use of Force Laws, and Carrying Concealed Laws. Our Private Security & Military contractors have had a career of professional tactical training, evasive driving, self-defense, and medical training. However, we also send all security professionals we hire to a Security & Executive Protection Training Academy to put the icing on the cake in terms of signing off on our professionals with a standard of training that far exceeds any other local or nationwide private security firm. Dark Site Operations members from have all been in deadly force scenarios at some point and realize that de-escalating a violent situation is far more important than letting ego involved and escalating it.

What is The Cost of Hiring a Private Security Companies?

Private security rates vary based on where a client is located, the difficulty of the investigation, and whether the client’s situation will require a team of security guards. Because we service this puts us in a central urban hub for the greater. For our long term security contracts signed with a contract we have much more room to negotiate verses a one time job.

What are Covert-Private Security Patrols in

Private Security Services

Local Security Guard Services

We receive calls and emails daily from clients needing Private Security Guard Services, Armed Guards, Unarmed Guards, and Executive Protection for Wealthy Families, Celebrities, High Net Worth Individuals, VIP’s, Board of Directors, Business Owners, Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, and Rich families trying to prevent kidnap & Ransom Schemes.

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