International Private Investigator & Intelligence Services

For International Intelligence Agency & International Investigator Services people people rely on Shadow Company Investigations, owned by world renowned international Private Investigator, Michael W. Bland, of St. Louis, Missouri. Michael has worked many high profile cases over the years and often consults other private investigators abroad on complex hard to solve cases in North America, Canada, South America, Mexico, Central America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Cairo Egypt, Caribbean, Australia, Middle East, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Virgin Islands, Dominican, Cuba, Israel, Dubai,

Michael Solves cases in North America, Canada, Mexico, South America, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Egypt, Caribbean, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Asia, and Australia for all case types. However, International Private Investigator Michael Bland is most well known for solving cases involving Child Custody, Divorce, and Infidelity.


International Private Investigator Services


GPS Tracking Detection, Computer Eavesdropping Detection, Cell Phone Tapping Detection, Cell Phone Spyware Detection, Computer Hacking Detection, Computer Spyware Detection, Email Investigations, Electronic Discovery, Embezzlement, Employee Malingering, Employee Misconduct, Espionage Investigations, Expert Witness Testimony, Extortion & Exaction Investigations, Financial Fraud Investigations, Hidden Asset Investigations, Recover Lost Assets, Homicide & Murder Investigations, Human Trafficking Investigations, Identity Theft


International Private Investigator Services

Workers Compensation Fraud, AOE / COE Investigation’s, International Marriage Investigation, Jury Investigation’s & Juror Vetting, Kidnapping & Ransom Situations, Labor Dispute Investigation, Union Investigations, Labor & Employment Investigations, Land Owner & Title Investigations, Criminal & Civil Litigation Support, Locate Lost People, Missing Pet Investigations, Stolen or Lot Pet Investigations, Lost & Stolen Property Investigations, Medical & Dental Malpractice Investigations, Professional Malpractice, International Private Investigator Services

Legal Malpractice, Maritime Investigations, Mind Control & Brainwashing Investigations, Mobile Phone & Electronic Device Seizures, Cellular Forensics, Money Laundering Investigations, Mortgage Fraud Investigations, Bank Fraud, Securities & Investment Fraud, Mystery & Secret Shopper Investigations, Narcotics Detection, Online Defamation Investigation, Online Auction Fraud, Social Media Investigations, Online Gaming, MMO Investigations, Opposition Research, Origin Cause Investigation, Organized Crime Investigations & RICO, Paternity Investigations, Personal Protections, DNA Testing, Probate Investigation’s, Global Process Service, Public Interest Investigations,


International Private Investigator Services

Polygraph Testing & Lie Detector, Religion & Church Investigations, Real Estate Fraud, Runaway Missing Kid Investigation’s, Sarbanes-Oxley Act – Securities Investigations, Sex Occult & Occult Investigations, FMLA Abuse & Sick Leave Fraud Surveillance, Sexual Harassment, Whistle-blower Investigation, Quid Pro Quo, Signal Piracy Investigations, Slander & Defamation of Character Investigations, Spousal Maintenance & Alimony Investigations, Substance Abuse Investigations, Sting Operations, Stalking Investigations, Harassment Investigations, Peeping Tom Investigations, Stock Options Fraud, Strike Labor Surveillance, Forensic Drug Detection, Stolen Property Investigations, Revolving Tail & Static Surveillance, GPS Tracking Surveillance, Sub-Rosa Surveillance, Tenant Screening, Unfair Competition Investigations


International Private Investigator Services

Unlawful Conduct Investigations, Unethical Conduct, Unsolved Crimes, Vendor Screening, Burglary, Robbery, & Rape Investigations, Veterinary Malpractice Investigations, Water Related Deaths, White Collar Crime, Wire & Electronic Communications Investigations, Workplace Conditions Investigation, ADA & EEOC Complaint Investigation’s, Workplace Violence Investigations, Workplace Investigations Interview, Wrongful Death Investigations, Wrongful Imprisonment, False Arrest Investigations, False Accusation Investigation, Lemon Law Investigation, Other Private Investigator Case.

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