Los Angeles Private Investigator Services

Los Angeles Private Investigator Services
Los Angeles Private Investigator Services

Los Angeles Private Investigator Services near you are locally based open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Holidays, and are professionally licensed 7 Insured. We handle all Private Investigation types and are very successful in Family Law Investigations winning over 35,000 cases in Los Angeles Litigation cases involving Divorce, Child Custody, and Infidelity Investigations.


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Los Angeles Private Investigator Services

Forensic science is quite popular in Hollywood. Shows like CSI, NCIS, Elementary and Law and Order SVU have made rock stars out of the forensic scientist, depicting them as trendy crime scene investigators as quick with a DNA search just like they are with a gun. The popularity of portraying forensic investigator on the silver screen, however, has come at the cost of an ongoing misconception about forensic science: the widespread misunderstanding held by both law enforcement bodies and civilian juries as to how forensic expert works and how useful it can be in prosecuting a suspect. To that end, we at the Shadow Company Investigations based in Los Angeles decided to bust some common myths and misconception about forensic science. MYTH 1 – When someone is murdered, then only the forensics team is involved. Fact: Only a fraction of the crimes investigated by forensics experts relate to murders. Hence, most of the forensic work is carried out for regular crimes like house break-ins, larceny, and assaults. Since crime has occurred, evidence needs to be collected, and offenders still need to be prosecuted, said the senior forensic investigator from the Shadow Company Investigations LLC based at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America. MYTH 2 – Forensics work is split between the lab and in the field. Fact: The reality is crime scene investigators attend crime scenes and forensic scientist work in the lab. Crime scene investigators are quite adept at gathering valuable evidence, yet they may not analyze DNA since it would be asking them to do two jobs and that’s unrealistic. Hence forensic experts are allowed to do that stated the forensic analyst from the Shadow Company Investigations Inc. MYTH 3 – Collecting evidence is a quick process. Fact: Even for a regular crime like a break-and-enter the forensic investigator still dust for prints, swab for DNA and look for other trace evidence. So they have to do that meticulously so of course it’s not going to be quick and they can’t rush that informed the forensic scientist from the Shadow Company Investigations Inc. based in St. Louis, Missouri. MYTH 4 – Dusting still does prints. Fact: The old ways are often still the best ways, and when it comes to the collection of fingerprints dusting remains the most common technique revealed the chief private investigator at the Shadow Company Investigations LLC in the U.S. MYTH 5 – DNA can solve every case. Fact: Many times other evidences point towards the culprit and he can be convicted without the involvement of DNA print. Sometimes DNA print is not available at the scene of the crime hence other evidences play an important part. So the private investigator or crime scene investigator has to collect other evidence which will put the accused in the dock. Thus DNA is not the last word in any investigation said the chief private investigator at the Shadow Company investigations. MYTH 6 – Forensic science can help solve the cases within an hour Fact: The forensic analysis might take a few days, but then it’s about developing a case so that the culprit can be booked and prosecuted legally, supported with proper proof. Regrettably, that process can take months or even years regardless of the legal evidence concluded the senior crime scene investigator from the Shadow Company Investigations LLC. The field of forensic science is very vast and complex for any layman to understand and if you want to know more about it you can follow us on our Blog or if you want a complete forensic audit of your home or workplace to call us now at and our experienced private investigator will respond at the earliest.


Los Angeles Private Investigator Services & Computer Forensic Investigations

The world of computer forensics investigation is rising, so is the responsibility of a forensic investigator mainly when law enforcement authorities and private investigators recognize just how useful forensic experts or forensic analysts are with regards to cyber crime investigation methodology. With the arrival of cyber crime, monitoring is risky by going online. It is now essential for safeguarding private citizens, and conserving internet procedures in public safety, national security and safety, the federal government and law enforcement. Tracking online activity enables crime scene investigators to link cyber communications as well as digitally-stored information and facts to actual acts of criminal activity; computer forensic investigators reveal deliberate criminal intent as well as might help in the prevention of potential cyber crimes. For all those employed in the field, you will find essential steps in cyber crime investigation process, which lead to a complete investigation explained the senior computer forensic expert from the Shadow Company Investigations LLC based at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America. Whether or not linked to vicious cyber activity, criminal conspiracy or perhaps the plan to do a crime, digital evidence could be fragile as well as very susceptible. Computer forensic investigators recognize the importance of this data and then appreciate that it is very easily hampered if it is not carefully taken care of and also safeguarded. Therefore, you need to develop as well as carry out rigorous computer forensics methodology in addition to processes for daily activities linked to computer forensic investigations. These kinds of methods include complete guidelines, especially when the computer forensic scientists are certified to retrieve possible digital proof. How you can correctly create models for evidence retrieval, where you need to keep any specific retrieved evidence, and also how you can record all these activities to help make sure the legitimacy of the information informed the chief private investigator and forensic analyst from the Shadow Company Investigations Inc. in the U.S. Law enforcement firms have become progressively reliant on specified private investigations companies with IT divisions, which are staffed by experienced computer forensic experts who ascertain correct investigative standards and then build rigorous training courses to make sure best practices are implemented responsibly and effectively. Besides developing stringent methods for forensic procedures, computer forensic investigator also needs guidelines for any other digital process within a corporation. It is essential for safeguarding the data system of law enforcement companies along with other companies. The digital forensic investigation process is a careful procedure. Whenever a criminal offense with regards to computers is surmised, a computer forensics investigator will take the following measures as given in computer forensics investigation checklist to attain a valid conclusion:

  • Get permission to search and then seize.

  • Safeguard the area, which can be a crime scene.

  • Record the sequence of custody of each object which was apprehended.

  • Bag, label, and then securely transfer the tools as well as e-evidence.

  • Get the e-evidence from the tools by utilizing forensically reliable techniques and equipment to produce a forensic picture of the e-evidence.

  • Always keep the primary substance in a secure, protected place.

  • Structure your review procedure for the e-evidence, such as details of keywords as well as search terms.

  • Scrutinize and evaluate forensic pictures of the e-evidence (never the original) based on your technique.

  • Analyze and then get inferences depending on details collected from the e-evidence. Examine your work.

  • Explain your evaluation as well as investigations in an easy-to-understand together with the composed report.

  • Provide testimony under oath in a deposition or courtroom.

To know more about computer forensic investigation you can follow our blog or if you want a computer forensic audit or investigation done at your place call us.


Los Angeles, California Background Check Services

Numerous entrepreneurs or business owners believe that background checks are needless. They feel these are extremely expensive and costly. But this is not the case. It may help you save millions of dollars later on and then stop you from legal issues. An individual of uncertain historical past can cause far more harm to a business enterprise. Listed below are five methods with which background checks can help lessen threats for entrepreneurs:

Background Checks or Employment Screening stop False Testimonials

Companies cannot bear to employ an unskilled applicant. The applicant may damage the business enterprise.  Every staff member is an integral part of the systems that will keep the business working. Even a tiny issue may destroy the company. You must perform a thorough employment screening to make sure that your employee would deal with your clients as well as other workers with respect, complete their task and also safeguard your company.

Background Checks avert Fraud and Theft

The workforce understands much more regarding the monetary resources of the company. When you hire a deceptive individual as a staff member, the individual may divert your money, steal funds, commit Fraud and also destroy your company. Also, there is the improved chance of cyber theft by a fake employee with the correct technical expertise. Thus a criminal record check is essential.

Background Checks Safeguard a Firm from Lawsuits

In case you are the proprietor of a company who hires an individual with poor records and then something terrible happens, you may be sued for failing to carry out a background check on the individual. For instance, when you have a daycare facility in a neighborhood, so you employ an individual with a track record of child molestation, you can be sued for this. Also, it can harm your credibility and the popularity of your company.

Background Checks Generate a Secure Atmosphere for other Workers and Clients

A business proprietor has to make a safe and sound habitat for his/her workers as well as clients. When you employ an individual with a background in physical violence, you could be making a risky ecosystem for your staff members and clients. You may use background checks and public documents to verify whether prospective workers do not possess a track record of crime and drug abuse.

Background Checks can Prevent you from Employing Poor Workers

Staff members are privy to the internal operation of the company. They could gain access to consumer data, documents along with other susceptible information and facts. If this data is put in the wrong hands, they could be destructive for a company.


Being the proprietor of a business, it is your primary responsibility to safeguard yourself, your staff members as well as business. Background checks are significantly less costly as you may think. Perform this before employing any specific worker and also retain yourself from possible risks. There are many websites which will guide as to how to do a background check. And you can go online for a free criminal background check. But for a professional and complete background check call us now or fill our contact form and our expert private investigators from the Shadow Company Investigations based at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America will call you for a suitable appointment. Background Investigations we provide serve clients around the globe such as large Corporations, Corporate Law Firms, Hiring Companies, Staffing Agencies, Manpower Groups, National Food Chains, and much more. 

Have you reviewed your Pre-Employment Screening Policy recently?

Every organization is committed to protecting the security, safety, and health of its employees. Safeguarding the assets and resources of the company, and assuring individuals in responsible positions are worthy of the trust. Hence, companies likewise have the task to implement an appropriate employment screening strategy to preserve conformity with FCRA specifications.  

Los Angeles, California Divorce Surveillance & Investigations

If you are about to file for divorce, a private investigator can certainly help in your Divorce Investigation. Do you feel your partner is having an extramarital affair? Have you got a good reason to think that you will find concealed assets? Can you believe that your spouse’s behavior is endangering the kids? Would you believe that your previous partner is cohabiting with somebody when you are supporting your former partner? Should you think that your partner is working while they insist that they are not? Has your kid been abducted? These are generally a few of the reasons why you should hire a private investigator. However, before you decide to accomplish that these are the issues to understand fully.

To begin with, although the behavior is appropriate along with consideration in dividing real estate within this state, the family court in most cases not penalize somebody to a substantial amount on account of extramarital affairs. Numerous clients think that when their partner has cheated, they can get the bulk of the assets. It is not going to happen. There might be the emotional reason why you would like to hire a private detective or investigator. You may have to know when there are extramarital affairs so that you could move ahead.

In the second place, be sure you hire a private investigator who knows how to conduct things according to the regulations. Some laws and rules disqualify unlawful wiretapping as well as monitoring of computer systems. There exist regulations as well as laws about how particular data can be found about confidential monetary data. Ensure that the private detective for divorce case you employed works well within the bounds of the law. If not, you could be having difficulties for yourself, so you might find that the data you purchased might not be admissible in court.

Thirdly, private investigators will offer very much pertinent data, particularly in a child custody case whenever there are issues regarding physical abuse, neglect, as well as addiction.

The private detective for divorce case can also accumulate data whenever you believe there are hidden assets. They can use specific tools that we may not be able to access.

How Can a Los Angeles Private Investigator Help My Divorce Case?

Divorce case investigation is usually a competitive adventure wherein previously beloved partners are now opponents. With this particular situation, partners might begin to conceal facts or perhaps indulge in actions that could harm the welfare of the Family Members. Therefore private detective for divorce case is usually retained to help out with divorce case investigation for a lot of reasons.

Proof of Adultery or even Malfeasance in Los Angeles, California

A private investigator will help you in Adultery Investigations when your partner is committing adultery or perhaps other forms of marital malfeasance. Every single state offers no-fault divorce process laws and regulations which do not need the proof of misconduct to give a divorce. Nevertheless, marital misbehavior is usually pertinent for procedures regarding spousal assistance in state governments wherein support is stopped when a single party’s behavior failed the marriage relationship. Also, marital misbehavior can also help offer more favorable terms and conditions for a partner under a prenuptial contract. A private detective for divorce case may also look into in circumstances wherein a partner has been  

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