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Middle East Private Investigator Services

Are you in search of private investigator services in the middle east? Our private investigators can do some deep digging for you and get you the exact information you need on a subject. From their favourite restaurant to their most visited houses.

Our Private investigation service is open to the following countries in the Middle East:

  • Bahrain
  • Cyprus
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen

Our private investigation service in the Middle East allows you to obtain every information you need regarding a subject and take due legal actions. From spotting missing persons to investigating fraud allegation, we are at the forefront of getting you every information you need.

Our private investigation services open to countries within the Middle East

  • Background Checks: our private investigators help you uncover specific details and information on individuals or even organizations. Our background checks are tailored to meet your exact needs/requirement – that is, we provide you even the most minute detail. We can provide you with info such as lawsuits, relatives, bankrupt filing, property ownership, U.C.C filing, Driving records, and others.

Our private investigator background check services are available as

  • Online dating investigations
  • Personal background checks
  • Pre-marital background checks
  • Corporate background checks
  • Financial Background checks
  • Criminal Background checks
  • Employee background check and other forms of due diligence

Middle East Private Investigative Services We Offer

Infidelity Cheating Spouse Surveillance


Background Investigator

Child Support


Custody Dispute

Divorce Surveillance 

People Search

Private Investigator Surveillance

Sex Offender Registry

How to retrieve Iphone Text Messages

  • Corporate Investigations: it is not unlikely that an employee in your firm is engaging in theft, fraud, or similar vices. Our private investigators are experts at uncovering the truth about employees within your corporation. Our investigators operate and deliver by engaging in direct investigation and interview, followed by surveillance to ensure evidence is obtained. From carrying out background checks to the more direct inquiries, you are sure to receive a detailed report

Our corporate investigation service is available for any organizational issue you may have. The following is an exhaustive list of what we offer.

  • Employee problems (e.g., substance abuse)
  • Co-worker relationships
  • Insurance fraud
  • Excessive sick time
  • Moonlighting, and others


  • Counter Intelligence: this is a sensitive part of our job as private investigators. While being expert investigators help us uncover hidden secrets (or in other cases, items), we are also well-versed with the rudiments of counterintelligence. Protecting yourself and corporation against espionage in a technologically driven world is not the easiest of tasks. However, with a multilayered security level and counterintelligence techniques, you can keep your sensitive information out of arms reach (or anyone who tries to get to them without authorization).

Our counterintelligence service includes the following:

  • Employee counterintelligence monitoring
  • Penetration testing
  • Internal Operations (covert)
  • Social Engineering

Other services we provide include child custody investigations, parental kidnapping, marital (cheating spouse) surveillance, fraud investigations, identity theft investigations, stalker investigations, divorce, criminal defense investigations, hidden items investigation, and missing persons.

More on our services

Our services cover both the personal and corporate needs of our clients. Are you working in an environment where an employee is suspected of carrying out fraudulent activities? How do you know for sure? How do you build evidence if this is true? A private investigation or “underground checks” by a professional private investigator can help you get those answers in no time. The answers can come in the form of video, audio, or photographs.

How about more personal cases, such as matrimonial surveillance? We understand that there’s enough emotional weight that comes with finding out a spouse is cheating, but this is only a feeling until proven right. The best way to show you are either correct or paranoid is to carry out a private investigation on the subject (your spouse) and be sure before taking further action. Whatever information obtained can be used to build your case, with enough evidence/proof.

Other cases, like due diligence, parental kidnapping, custody, harassment allegations, and missing person investigations also form a part of our service base.


Why work with our private investigators in the middle east?

All our investigators are seasoned professionals in their respective fields of private investigation. They possess a proven track record that depicts specialty in previous cases, leaving no room for doubt. Our private investigators work closely with you to ensure you have every information or evidence you need to make a win in court.

Whatever law enforcement cannot uncover with provided resources, we do our best to discover. Private investigations need to be discreet without throwing any signs of suspicion on the subject. Our private investigators work professionally in all discreetness and carefulness to ensure your safety with results guaranteed.

Are you searching for a missing person? We have investigators specialized in such cases and can provide you with answers within a shorted time possible. We work with you to deliver every solution you need.

How we operate

The first process of our investigation begins by understanding what you need to achieve and what results you are seeking. To make this possible, we will ask you a couple of questions, sometimes personal and other times general. Every information is vital to the process of discovering evidence. For example, if you have a suspicion that an employee is carrying out the corporate crime, we will need every available information on the subject to help ease the process. Nonetheless, if this is not available, we will make do with the minimum information you provide which we can work with.

Our investigators are equipped with resources and systems to make handling your case swift and secure as well as discreet. We know the importance of confidentiality in each case and heed to it.

If any of the above describes the service you’d like to use an investigator for, then reach us via email or phone, and we will get back to you shortly.


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