Missouri Corporate Surveillance

Missouri Corporate Surveillance Investigations  cover the State of Missouri, St. Louis, Mo, St. Louis County, Mo, St. Charles County, Mo, Franklin County, Mo, Lincoln County, Mo, Warren County, Mo, Jefferson County, Mo, Madison County, IL, and St. Clair County, IL. Investigations Services we provide in St. Louis, Missouri cover a vast array of Investigations to serve our clients. Services we provide are  more. Our Expert trained Private Investigators & Detectives work tirelessly to obtain your answers. We use state of the art Surveillance Equipment & Techniques to obtain court worthy evidence to win your case. We are a Professionally Trained & Licensed Investigations Company that is open 24 Hours a day, Strives to provide the best Customer Satisfaction, Best Investigative results on the Market, and Affordable Rates. Our Reviews leave us unrivaled by any other Private Investigations firm online. To hire a Private Investigator today and take control of your situation before it gets worse email or call us for a Free, Expert, and Confidential Private Investigator Consultation to see what criteria your case fits. Read More About Corporate Investigators

Private Investigator Services help clients in need by giving them years of out of the box thinking and real world experience combined. This along with state of the art Cameras & Surveillance Equipment make a formidable force to deal with when a person is trying to hide their dirty deeds, cheating, or the second life they may be living. Our Private Investigators & Detectives are former Law Enforcement personnel who understand the mind set of solving any case and the work ethic it takes.

Many people think investigations are solved in a day or overnight. However, this is simply not the case. Our Investigators take their time, miss nothing, and are very detail oriented like a Detective should be. Investigations are not something you just rush into with a knee jerk reaction or emotion. This is why our Investigators are trained to be very methodical in solving your case leaving no stone upturned.

Private Investigators serve many purposes for a person such as Psychological Closure, Proof of a Cheating Spouse, Winning Custody of a Child, Divorce Surveillance, Locating a lost loved one or Missing Person, Solving Social Media Investigations, Online Dating Scams, Background Checks, Judgement Recovery, Process Service, Insurance Fraud Investigations, Counter-Surveillance, TSCM, Pre-Marital Screening, Interviewing Witnesses, Asset Investigations, Cell Phone Forensics, and Surveillance Investigations.

As a Leader in Missouri Private Investigations we strive to provide the best possible customer friendly use and experience. Unlike many Private Investigation Firms we are open 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year, on Holidays, We have live chat on our website to make sure we do not miss any of your questions or concerns, and a phone number and email attached to our Free Consultation Contact Form.

Due to the Discreet & Confidential nature of our industry we also have taken strict security measures to insure your information and case remains private. We have added extra security to our website, use secured private phone lines, and secured email servers encrypted with the latest security measures on the market.

We do not leave our clients in the dark and provide weekly updates on your case, date & time stamped Photographs, Investigative Report, and any other details you requested during the retaining of our investigative services. Our capabilities as a Missouri Private Investigation Firm make us a leader in the Private Detective Community and have set a Gold Bar for others to follow.

How to Hire a Private Investigator in St. louis Missouri

We have mad it very easy to hire a private investigator in St. Louis, Missouri. Our easy to use contact forms, free telephone number, open 24 hours a day, and have very secure and easy to use invoicing methods. This allows us to get started on your case as soon as possible instead of waiting hours on pointless office visits and long drawn out phone calls. For the sake of your time we offer a Free One Time Private Investigator Consultation.

Costs of Hiring a  Private Investigator in St. Louis

At Shadow Company Investigations we are light years ahead of most Investigation Companies in that we use a Flat Rate System instead of charging you and hourly rate system and refunding money back after so many hours, asking you for more money, sending you bills for expenses like gas, meals, and hotels. This flat rate system is quoted per weekly rate or per the size of a job in case of large cases like Murder or Missing Persons. 


Ways a  Private Investigator Can Help You in St. Louis Missouri
  • Online Dating Background Check in St. Louis
  • Online Dating & Catfish Scams in St. Louis
  • Time Share Fraud Investigations in St. Louis
  • Find Hidden Assets in St. Louis
  • Find Banking and Financial Records in St. Louis 
  • Find Texts & Emails in St. Louis
  • Find Persons Employer in St. Louis
  • Judgement & Recovery Investigations in St. Louis
  • Attorney Services in St. Louis
  • Process Service in St. Louis 
  • Risk Assessment in St. Louis
  • Criminal Investigations in St. Louis
  • Criminal Defense Investigator in St. Louis
Private Investigator Surveillance in St. Louis Missouri

Private Investigator Surveillance in St. Louis, Missouri can help you by solving a large number of cases such as

Due Diligence & Corporate Investigations in St. Louis Missouri

Due Diligence & Corporate Investigations in St. Louis investigate things like Copyright Infringement, Trademark & Patent Theft, Theft of Intellectual Property, Workplace Investigations, Fraud, Embezzlement, Workmen Compensation Surveillance, Corporate Sabotage & Espionage. 

Fraud & Insurance Investigations in St. Louis Missouri

Fraud Investigator Services in St. Louis, Missouri help investigate Fraudulent Insurance Claims, Job Site Accidents, Background Investigations, GPS Tracking Surveillance, Covert Surveillance, Personal Injury Investigations, On Duty Injuries, Off Duty Injuries, Medical Malpractice, Professional Malpractice, Dental Malpractice, Chiropractor Malpractice, Lawyer Malpractice

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in St. Louis Missouri

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in St. Louis provide Electronic Investigations into Counter-Measures that ca be used against you by a person or group of persons installing malevolent spyware programs on a computer at home or in the office, Spyware on your cell phone, GPS Tracking on your Vehicle or Cell Phone, or Laptop, Mini Covert Cameras in your home or office, Voice Recording Devices in your home, office, or car, and even electronic harassing devices that play a barely audible list of annoying sounds or voices that can make a person think they are going crazy. Searching for such devices for Global Corporations in fear of losing trade secrets, International Law Firms in fear of losing Vital Case Secrets, or a Cheating Spouse cam all employ such devices to spy on you. 

Employment Screening in St. Louis Missouri

Employment Screening Services in St. Louis help people and large corporations by providing Background Investigations into a persons Criminal History, Credit History, Driving Records, Social Media Investigations, Employment Verification, Document Examination, Education Verification, Sex Offender, Government Watch List, 

Online Dating, Online Dating Scams, Identity Theft in St. Louis Missouri

Online Dating Scams in St. Louis can often involve numerous other types of investigations as a result like, Financial Fraud, Identity Theft, Catfish Scams, Online Romance Scams, and Bank Fraud

Free Consultation in St. Louis Missouri

To speak to a professionally trained & licensed Private Investigator about your case please call us at (314) 293-5370, Email us at [email protected], or reach us at our Free Consultation Form. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Holidays, and will return all phone calls back within 5 minutes.