Missouri Private Investigator

Missouri Private Investigator

Missouri Private Investigator services are provided by SHADOW COMPANY INVESTIGATIONS based in St. Louis, Missouri. Missouri Private Investigator Services provide Insurance Services, Background Checks, Attorney Services, Bodyguard Services, Child Custody Surveillance, Adultery & Infidelity Surveillance, Divorce Surveillance, Process Serving, Due Diligence, Risk Assessment, Threat Mitigation, Active Shooter Protection, Active Shooter Surveillance, Terrorism Protection & Investigations, Employee Screening Services, Global Investigations, and much more.

Missouri Private Investigator Services are licensed & Governed by the Missouri Board of Private Investigator Examiners Office in Jefferson City, Missouri under license # 2014011905.

Shadow Company Investigations hires only retired law enforcement professionals to bring over 20 years of experience to the table. Missouri Private Investigator & Surveillance Services specialize in family law investigations that help solve child custody investigations, Worker Compensation Surveillance, GPS Tracking Services, Business Investigations, Locating Missing Persons, Cold Cases, Missing Persons, Homicide Investigations, Criminal Defense investigations, Skip Tracing Services, Counter Intelligence Services, Counter Surveillance Services, Counter Espionage Services, Corporate Counter Espionage Services, and Private Military Contractor Services.

Missouri Private Investigator Services provide expert eavesdropping detection services, TCSM, GPS detection on cars & cell phones, spyware on computers & cell phones, hidden camera detection in cars and homes, business & office sweeps to check for electronic listening devices. Corporate electronic bug sweeps to check for listening bugs and eavesdropping equipment that may have been installed by corporate competitors looking to steal competitive business intelligence, patent or copy right ideas, and intellectual property.

Missouri Private Investigator Services provide the best child custody investigative services in the State of Missouri. Shadow Company Investigations has helped thousands of families in Missouri win full custody of their children by showing the ex husband or wife or be unfit parents.

Missouri Bodyguard Services provide VIP, Executive Protection Services, Close Quarters Protection, Dignitary Protection, Protection of Celebrities, Protection of Politicians, Protection of families travelling in the United States or abroad, ad employees facing threat of an active shooter at workplace or any other job site.

Missouri Private Investigator Services also provides expert processing services in St. Louis, Missouri, the State of Missouri, Nationwide Process Serving, and Global Process Serving Services.

Missouri Private Investigator Services are open 24 hours a day for emergencies.