New York Private Investigator Services

New York Private Investigator Services
New York Private Investigator Services

New York Private Investigator Services is a local Private Investigator in New York City people rely on for their Investigative needs. We are the best rated Private Investigations Firm in New York City for Business Investigations, Fraud Investigations, Surveillance & GPS Investigations, Divorce Surveillance, Adultery & Infidelity Surveillance, Insurance Investigations, Hidden Assets, Finding Real Birth Parents, Alimony & Maintenance Investigations, Child Support Investigations, Corporate & Due Diligence Investigations, and Global Private Investigator Services. We provide all types of New York City Private Detective Services. However, we are most well know for solving thousands of Family Law Investigations such as Child Custody Battles, Contentious Divorce Investigations, and Infidelity. We know private investigations better than anyone in New York City, Know the layout of New York, and all of our Investigators are former Law Enforcement, Professionally Licensed & Insured.


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New York Private Investigator Services

The wealthy and the well-known have often employed private detectives for Divorce Case Investigations. However, with around one-half of all divorce proceedings are associated with private detectives and investigators; it appears the remainder of us is also spying on our spouses. Private investigators were hired in half of the Divorce Cases in the U.K. a year ago while wives or husbands wanted to find whether or not their partner was having affairs, a study of major law firms exposed today. It observed 49% of divorce case investigation in Britain just last year emerged after a spouse requested a private investigator to verify whether or not the other was committing Adultery. The study by Grant Thornton, an economic as well as commercial consulting group, collected data from one hundred major Matrimonial Attorneys. They stated more and more people were citing a partner’s Cheating Spouse to be the main reason behind filing divorce, and lesser were making complaints of physical or mental abuse. This past year 32% of divorce case investigations were related to extramarital affairs, as compared to 29% the previous year. In more than two-thirds of those it was the husband who was termed unfaithful as well as in 31% of situations it had been the wife. Hence in divorce case investigation, information and facts is an extremely useful asset. Making sure your lawyer possesses just as many points as required is essential to him or her efficiently representing you. Those pieces of information and facts are often hard to observe purely from reports of bank records, mobile phone bills or from some other methods. In case your partner is trying to conceal information from the family court, the time has come that you should hire a private detective for your divorce case investigation. In a case where a partner is secretive regarding their pursuits, property, connections or job, it could be essential for a Cheating Husband or Cheating Wife or even a grandparent parent to hire a private investigator to get information and facts. Before hiring a private investigator, speak with your current lawyer and also choose which kind of divorce case investigation has to be carried out and then hire a private detective for your Divorce Case. If you want property checks or perhaps computer checks, you could be much better aided by somebody with expertise in it. If you want somebody to carry out surveillance, you must ensure that your private investigator has carried out investigation before, and has got the expertise to carry out surveillance and also possess the essential resources to carry out surveillance of the person of interest. To summarize, in case you are planning to spend money on a private detective or investigator make sure that the private investigator is in a position and ready to testify in the family court in a case that is needed. The data you have is worthless in case nobody can inform the family court precisely what has happened or even analyze the information in a way that is agreeable to the family court.


New York Private Investigator Services

Child custody lawyers and parties (husband or wife involved in a child custody case) need a legitimate private investigation which can produce admissible evidence in a family court and can be done discreetly. Old techniques are not valid, and hence it is essential that we hire a private detective or investigator who can legally carry out this work. Given below are some of the different types of investigations carried out by the chief private investigator Hercules Poirot (name changed to protect identity). These investigations are some of his experiences he shared while in the course of solving family law cases most prominently child custody cases using the latest technology and gadgets wherein he was fortunate enough to bring the child custody cases in his clients favor. He is the president of the division of Child Custody Investigations at Shadow Company Investigations, based in St. Louis, Missouri. He has an extensive background in private investigations, computer forensics, and law, and has participated, conducted and supervised numerous of cases. Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions which he answered in a security meet. New York Private Investigator Services are expertly trained in conducting Child Custody Battles. Rulings in New York City along with other state governments help support the right of a husband or wife to get almost any data from family member’s computer systems, smartphones along with other gadgets. Nevertheless, it is entirely different from the real-time interception made feasible by spyware. Utilizing spyware that detects and also documents the routines of anybody without their awareness as well as permission constitutes a Class E Felony in New York City, punishable by as much as four years in prison. Under the New York City Civic Practice Law and also Rules, any specific data received in this way, regardless of how pertinent, is inadmissible in the courtroom. Based on the gadget involved, the user’s behavior, as well as arrangement concerns, forensic acquisition as well as evaluation, might produce similar or more proof that one may get with spyware and then without the chance of felony charges or the information genuinely rejected by family court. Forensic acquisition of a personal computer hard disk or perhaps some other digital gadget for virtually every legitimate case needs to be carried out by skilled as well as accredited personal computer forensic specialists.


New York Private Investigator Services

Entrepreneurs wonder whether integrating a pre-employment background check at the time of the recruitment is worth the time and cost. However, when considering an applicant for an open position, it is essential to perform a background check. It will provide companies with these advantages:

  1. Employing experienced applicants

  2. Decreased staff turnover as well as the related costs

  3. Restricting claims of delinquent recruitment

When is the best time to carry out a background check? Or even How to do a background check? Usually, the procedure really should take place after preliminary employment screening processes are finalized, and then a company makes a conditional job offer. When the system is underway, companies must not allow the applicant to start working until the background check is carried out. New York Private Investigator Services provides the best rated Employee Background Checks in the State of New York. Just getting a Pre-Employment Screening plan will dissuade candidates with a bad historical past from applying for an open position. Because we at the Shadow Company Investigations based at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America believe that around fifty percent of almost all resumes, as well as applications, have fake or unreliable background data, the background check will help validate candidates’ credentials before interviewing starts. A background check will help make sure that only competent people are regarded for the job. Removing ineligible applicants could also imply less chance of having to cancel a person at a later date and even paying the extra cost of beginning the recruitment procedure once again.


New York Private Investigator Services

Fraud Counts, according to assessments by numerous government insurance departments and also task forces emphasize many unbelievable expenses as the consequence of workers’ compensation fraud. There are two types of scams are the most typical: claimant as well as employer fraud. Now we are going to concentrate on helping companies by preventing fraud committed by their workers explained the senior private legal investigator from the Shadow Company investigations LLC based in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States of America. Workers’ compensation is a kind of insurance coverage that offers income substitution features to wounded workers during the course of their job. Each government usually handles their plan along with the legal rights of the worker may differ, yet overall workers omit their right to sue for negligence for getting this benefit plan. Benefits usually are paid out as lost income, reimbursement for financial loss. Also, compensation of health care costs and benefits paid out to dependents of employees killed at work stated the chief private investigator dealing with false workers compensation claim from the Shadow Company Investigations based at St. Louis, MO in the U.S. He further added that if you want to have. Types of workers compensation fraud: Usually claimant scams happen whenever a worker willfully as well as deliberately misrepresents an essential truth regarding a wound for the intention of getting workers’ compensation benefits to which they are not eligible. Certain common types of these scams consist of:


  • Misrepresenting the seriousness of a claimed accidental injuries

  • Filing a claim for a wound that does not happen at work

  • Misrepresenting your working position when getting short-term benefits


Preventing Fraud If your company is self-insured for workers’ compensation or perhaps you have an industrial policy, it is useful to prevent claimant fraud from happening. Among the first strategies to prevent fraud is always to evaluate fresh candidates by doing workers’ compensation background checks together with criminal background checks before they can be employed. It will help in finding an applicant who may have a prolonged background of claims, particularly ones who are prohibited or examined. Shadow Company Investigations has a long history of conducting background checks and collecting valuable evidence admissible in court while conducting false workers compensation claim investigations hence we can certainly assist you in the hour of your need. So call us at and we will be right there till the claim is settled amicably. You may also contemplate financing basic safety courses to teach employees how one can remain safe at the job and then set up reporting hotlines to allow them to report any presumed abuse. As soon as a work accident takes place:


  • Report these to your agent instantly and also send out an employee to come with the worker when having healthcare support.

  • Gather most of the specifics and then record these immediately before the recollections of the incident modify or even memories wear away.

  • Save each video surveillance videos that may be great for substantiating an accident.

  • Be focused for suspicious accidental injuries, particularly after a weekend, whenever a few workers might have seriously injured themselves off the job.

  • Educate workers about workers’ compensation which can help in forbidding fraud advised the senior crime scene investigator considering workers compensation fraud from the Shadow Company Investigations 


Detecting Fraud The job of detecting workers’ compensation fraud could be a combined effort. Although some businesses outsource this to skilled specialists who often use video surveillance to observe claimants’ activities, other people use up the job by themselves. Determining Workers’ Compensation Fraud Along with preventing workers’ compensation claimant fraud, a company should also remain focused for the symptoms of claimant fraud. At times even the best initiatives to stop the scam are prevented. Therefore a watchful eye is essential. Right here we explain one of the most popular warning signals of claimant scams. Just before speaking about those warning signs, you should realize the effect of claimant fraud. Mostly it is economic, so it is the organization that eventually sustains the damage. For instance, whenever a worker is medically constrained from doing work he is that – not working. The organization is minus one source. Next, your workers’ compensation insurance premium will ultimately increase because your loss background has a request. Along with the often unacknowledged monetary effect on a company is the decreased worker confidence. No one enjoys talking with a felon, particularly a prosperous felon. One more adverse consequence that claimant scam bears on a company is the fact that it carefully alters the employer’s understanding of workers’ compensation insurance as well as anybody who files a claim. It leads to the company getting irritated to the process and also to all workers who report a claim. It is regrettable since 99% of workers’ compensation claims are legitimate and then what this disappointed company is doing is stereotyping sincere individuals to be unethical. As a company, be on the look for claims or circumstances wherein:


  1. Injury Reporting: When a worker reports a physical injury in early stages the very first day back to the job after a weekend break or even holiday, in that case, the claim might be fake. Probably the accidental injuries happened throughout his time off work.

  2. Statements from Colleagues: In case some other workers report to management that the claimant is not informing the fact, pay attention to them. Quite often the fake claimant can brag regarding his deed or even confide with yet another worker before filling the phony claim.

  3. Accident Detailed description: When the allegedly wounded worker has made trouble recalling the particulars around his incident, or if those information modifies with each recounting of the event, in that case, the claim might be fake. It is harder to fib than it is to acknowledge the truth consistently.

  4. Employment Condition: When the request is as outlined by a worker who may have restricted tenure with the organization, or who might be dealing with a layoff, and then the claim might be fake.

  5. Personal Monetary Challenges: When the worker who reports the request is going through severe economic problems in his own daily life, and then the claim might be deceptive.

  6. Evasive Conduct: When the medically constrained worker avoids communication with the business or else appears evasive, in that case, the application might be deceitful.

  7. Personal Outlook: When the worker shows a perpetually adverse or defiant frame of mind concerning the accidental injuries or the claim, so the application might be fake.

  8. Personal Connections: When the worker has close links to others who may have defrauded the system or other individuals who might presently be off work for any purpose so that the claim might be fake.

  9. Legal Competence: When the claimant displays a rare understanding concerning workers’ compensation or even maintains a lawyer shortly after submitting the claim, in that case, the application might be deceptive.

  10. Medical Cure: When a worker does not show up at medically recommended physiological treatment sessions or follow-up estimates or even alters physicians directly before the end of contract of his healthcare work limitation so that the claim might be false.


The company is in the ideal place to prevent, find and manage claimant fraud; it is best achieved by creating and enforcing business policies, training workers, exploring mishaps, documenting incidents and then reporting this data to your current insurance claims adjuster. At times the work of carrying out your daily business activities including the measures mentioned above to detect false workers compensation claim can be overwhelming. Hence it is advisable to outsource this work to Shadow Company Investigations LLC., who knows how to deal with workers compensation fraud. Also, produce tangible results so call us now and let our private detectives do the rest for you. Whenever a worker’s compensation fraud is identified the persons involved in the scam or victims of the fraud both are in a fix, their minds are filled with numerous questions such as what is workers compensation abuse? How to report a false workers comp claim? What is false workers compensation claim? What is a workers compensation investigation and what do they look for? How to report a false workers comp claim in New York? What is faking workers comp injury? What is falsifying workers compensation? What to do when caught working while on workers comp? In the following paragraphs, the chief private investigator for Shadow Company Investigations LLC based at St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America who also happens to be an expert in investigating false workers compensation claims will clarify the various types of scams and illustrate them with suitable cases wherever possible. The fraud related to workman’s compensation might be happening near you. Are you able to recognize the warning signals of the claimant, insurance premium, or perhaps provider fraud?, asked the leading crime scene investigator for false workers compensation claim from the Shadow Company Investigations Inc. in St. Louis, MO. Workers’ compensation insurance is a two-way, no-fault benefit program that gives salary refund to staff members who may have endured a work-related accident. Also known as workman’s comp, the plan varies across state governments as well as nations around the world. The overarching objective, irrespective of name or even location, is always to safeguard workers who might be injured at work and then safeguard their companies from lawsuits explained the senior PI from Shadow Company Investigation Inc. New York Private Investigator Services are well respected in solving complex Insurance Investigations in New York City Areas. 



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