Parental Kidnapping

Parental kidnapping


When a child is concealed, retained, or taken by a parent or joint custodian, the act is referred to as parental abduction or parental kidnapping. The action is usually a violation of the rights of another custodian, parent, or an ex-spouse.

Sadly, the rate of parental kidnapping and abduction internationally has reached an all-time high. Statistics by experts show that over the years, there has been an increase in bilingual marriages, which has led to an increase in the number of children that are born to parents of diverse nationalities. This diversification has caused a lot of children to be abducted.

As with every normal relationship, a significant amount of these bilingual marriages or partnerships end up in divorce. When this happens, one of the parents may decide to kidnap or abduct a child born into a marriage without the consent of the other parent. The child can be taken to a country that he or she has never lived in or even another state.

Children that get abducted get traumatized, not to talk of the ones that get abducted by a parent or loved one. The traumatization could be emotional, physical or psychological, and compromises their sense of family, identity, and belonging. Put simply; abducted children are victims of their parents’ actions and decisions.

No caring parent would want their children to experience any form of abduction or kidnapping would want to take the necessary measures to avoid them. Even though there are different legal or civil remedies presented to parents of abducted children today, the problems involved with parental kidnapping can be gruesome. The major problem would be finding the location of the child.

Sadly for a lot of the parents involved in parental kidnapping cases, the cost of finding and recovering a child would be covered by them. And statistics have shown that with the number of children being kidnapped or abducted yearly, a lot of them never get to be recovered or come home.

The use of force or physical confrontation should not be any option in the recovery of an abducted child, though. What you need is a group of professionals that would help you get to the root of the problem. You want someone you are comfortable talking to who can get the information you want. And there’s no better team than ours.

Our services are dedicated to helping any parent that needs help in the finding, rescuing, and returning of a kidnapped or abducted child safely. Our agents and investigators are skilled in the areas of parental abduction or recovery of children that have suffered from parental kidnapping.

Our investigative services are designed to help you quickly uncover information that will be useful in resolving issues surrounding child abduction cases, helping you recover full custody of your child.


Our parental kidnapping services

Child Recovery:

Our expertise and skills in investigations in combination with our ability to assign the best investigators and agents to most parts of Egypt, Africa, and the world at large means that we can recover any abducted or kidnapped child.

The days we are in are evil, and parental kidnapping and abduction have been on the rise. But, we want to help you recover your child, protect the child, and see you through what can be a very intense and difficult phase in life.

We understand that parental kidnapping and abduction can be extremely difficult cases to handle, but we want to find solutions through the use of the best available agents and investigators, as well as by co-operating with several organizations.

As a private investigative firm, our parental kidnapping service would not be restricted to just the recovery of an abducted child. We also do:

–    Risk management,

–    Investigation and

–    Protection


Risk Management:

We carefully manage all the risks involved in parental kidnapping cases. At times, violence can be an issue with these cases, but our team of professionally trained investigators and agents have the expertise to curtail any violence. We also ensure that all our investigation is done under organized secrecy and discretion.


If your child has been abducted or kidnapped by an ex-spouse or a joint custodian, we would carefully dig out evidence that backs up this claim, investigate the case, and try our optimum to recover the child. If you would not want us to proceed with the recovery, we can work with law enforcers until the child is recovered, safe, and unharmed.


You may have started to develop feelings of an ill-plot by an ex-spouse or joint custodian. If you suspect foul play and feel like your child or children could be abducted or kidnapped, you could employ our services for protection. We would survey and provide evidence that your allegations are correct to law enforcers, thereby preventing that act.

We also offer follow-up and protection after your child has been recovered in case there is another plot.


Why choose us

Our team is made up of parents, so we understand your feelings and are here to help.

We would help you track down that ex-spouse that is involved through expert and discreet investigative means.   We designed our investigative services in ways that would help you quickly uncover information that will be useful in resolving issues surrounding parental kidnapping cases, helping you to regain full custody of your child.


For more information and inquiries about our services, feel free to contact us today.


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