Private Investigators are Worthless!!!

Private Investigators are Worthless!!!

Private Investigators are Worthless!!!
Private Investigators are Worthless!!!


At Shadow Company Global Investigations we are asked all the time what good is hiring a Private Investigator???

Recently we spoke to a secretary at a Law Firm who said she believed hiring a Private Investigator is considered a bad business decision by most Lawyers. That is when we quickly realized she may not be working for a very successful Law Firm. Most large law firms actually have full time Private Investigators. Some of these Investigators eve have an actual office space in the Law Firm.

At Shadow Company Investigations we know the value of our services and often used by Law Firms around the world seeking evidence. Below are just a few services that we offer to these Law Firms. After all, if our services were worthless would we be a Global Company? We will Let you decide that.

1.) Locating People

2.) Locate Assets / Banks

3.) Process Service

4.) Infidelity

5.) Background Checks

6.) Alimony Investigations

7.) Child Support Investigations

8.) Criminal Contempt

9.) Cohabitation Investigation 

10.) Ex lying to Courts on Their Address

11.) Child Custody Surveillance

12.) Criminal Background on Ex 

13.) Criminal Background on Ex’s New Spouse

14.) Sex Offender Investigation

15.) Computer Forensics to locate Monies / Assets / Transactions / Life Insurance / Investments

16.) GPS Tracking

17.) GPS Detection

18.) Bug Detection

19.) Hidden Camera Detection

20.) Computer Spyware Detection

21.) Ethical Hacking

22.) Separation Agreement Investigation

23.) Inheritance Investigations

24.) Track Down Heirs

25.) Predict Opponents Next Move

26.) Name Potential Witnesses

27.) Witness Interviews

28.) Monitor Trademark & Intellectual Property

29.) Find Information For Leverage

30.) Discover Asset Transfers

31.) Prepare For Deposition / Testimony

32.) Enforce Judgements

33.) Connecting The Dots

34.) Prep For Cross Examination

35.) Collect and Review Electronic Evidence

36.) Reconstruct Family History, Corporate History, Chain of Title History in Real Estate

37.) Find Long Lost Documents or Facts

38.) Find New Leads / Evidence

39.) Social Media Investigation

40.) Fraud Investigations

41.) DNA

42.) Civil Investigations

43.) Criminal Defense Investigations

44.) Criminal Investigations

45.) Financial Background Check

46.) Document Searches

47.) Pre-Marital Investigations

48.) Interviews

49.) Neighborhood Canvas

50.) Crime Scene Investigations

51.) Drug Investigations

52.) Toxic Tort

53.) Tort Investigations

54.) Insurance Litigation

55.) Product Liability

56.) Occupational Disease

57.) Environmental Claims

58.) Construction Litigation

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