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Private Investigators in St. Louis, Missouri are provided by Shadow Company Investigations. Anytime you have serious suspicions that a spouse is cheating on you it is the time to hire a private investigator. This is the best way to ensure that you get confirmation of your suspicions. A private investigator will be able to gain access to areas you wouldn’t be able to. Here are some ways to help you determine when to hire private investigators. Private Investigators are available 24 hours a day and are licensed in the State of Missouri. Private Investigators based in St. Louis serve clients globally with our strategic partners around the world. Private Investigators at Shadow Company Investigations are expert trained in all investigations.

Private Investigators For Surveillance 

Private Investigators can easily acquire the information needed to conduct surveillance on the cheater in question. If a court case results from the cheating, in most cases a P.I. can share their surveillance findings with the judge and jury. Their testimony can help you build a much stronger legal case than you may have had otherwise. Since P.I.s have to be licensed by the state they work in, yours will be familiar with any state laws that pertain to your case. Private Investigators we hire at Shadow Company Investigations are ex Law Enforcement or Military with years of experience.

Private Investigators For Hidden Assets

It is not unusual for one spouse to have assets the other spouse doesn’t know about. While this is not usually an issue in healthy, happy marriages, it can be an issue when divorce is imminent. Your private investigator will have the power to access databases and records that show hidden assets.

Private Investigators For Child Custody Battle

Another time when it can be helpful to have a private investigator on the case is when your child’s custody is at stake. If you suspect that your spouse is neglecting and/or abusing your children, hiring a P.I. can help you come up with the leverage you need to get full custody of them. Even if you don’t suspect your spouse of abuse it helps to have a P.I. during a child custody battle because they can determine if your spouse is lying about their income. Since this affects how much child support they would have to pay, it is relevant to the case. Private Investigators in St. Louis will bring you factual court worthy evidence. Private Investigators use expensive state of the art cameras to get you expert proof.

Private Investigators For A Divorce 

The emotions of a divorce battle will have negative consequences for you. Hiring a private investigator means that you have someone in your corner who has no emotional attachment to the situation. This makes it a better idea for them to find information about your spouse than you attempting to do it yourself. Removing emotion from the situation leads to a better outcome in court.

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There are times when hiring a private investigator is the right thing to do. If trust and emotions are causing issues in your marriage, a neutral third party is your best weapon in a court of law. As long as you hire a private investigator for the right reasons you will greatly benefit. Call us today at Shadow Company Investigations for a free consultation CONTACT US NOW!