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Puerto Rico Private Investigation Services

What if you had a foolproof method for finding out information on a cheating spouse or information about that missing person you’ve been looking for? How about uncovering information that could assist you in winning a case, like child custody, or a divorce case. You’ll gladly jump take the opportunity. Such opportunities lie in the confines of a private investigator.

Private investigators are excellent search specialist who knows how to uncover information (sometimes secrets), that can help get you the justice you need to make a win, especially in legal environments. By applying specific tactics, a professional private investigator can source information from quite remote places and organize this info into available pieces of evidence in court (where applicable).

What if you don’t want to get to the level of a court? What if all you need are answers regarding some personal issue like a cheating spouse? A private investigator can help you get trustworthy information regarding that.

Our private investigation SERVICES are available in Puerto Rico

  • Background Checks: our private investigators help you uncover specific details and information on individuals or even organizations. Our background checks are tailored to meet your exact needs/requirement – that is, we provide you even the most minute detail. We can provide you with info such as lawsuits, relatives, bankrupt filing, property ownership, U.C.C filing, Driving records, and others.

Our private investigator background check services are available as

  • Online dating investigations,
  • Personal background checks,
  • Pre-marital background checks,
  • Corporate background checks,
  • Financial Background checks,
  • Criminal Background checks
  • Employee background check and other forms of due diligence


  • Corporate Investigations: it is not unlikely that an employee in your firm is engaging in theft, fraud, or similar vices. Our private investigators are experts at uncovering the truth about employees within your corporation. Our investigators operate and deliver by engaging in direct investigation and interview, followed by surveillance to ensure evidence is obtained. From carrying out background checks to the more direct inquiries, you are sure to receive a detailed report

Our corporate investigation service is available for any organizational issue you may have. The following is an inexhaustive list of what we offer.

  • Employee problems (e.g., substance abuse)
  • Co-worker relationships
  • Insurance fraud
  • Excessive sick time
  • Moonlighting, and others


  • Counter Intelligence: this is a sensitive part of our job as private investigators. While being expert investigators help us uncover hidden secrets (or in other cases, items), we are also well-versed with the rudiments of counterintelligence. Protecting yourself and corporation against espionage in a technologically driven world is not the easiest of tasks. However, with a multilayered security level and counterintelligence techniques, you can keep your sensitive information out of arms reach (or anyone who tries to get to them without authorization).

Our counterintelligence service includes the following:

  • Employee counterintelligence monitoring
  • Penetration testing
  • Internal Operations (covert)
  • Social Engineering

Other services we provide include child custody investigations, parental kidnapping, marital (cheating spouse) surveillance, fraud investigations, identity theft investigations, stalker investigations, divorce, criminal defense investigations, hidden items investigation, and missing persons.

More on our services

When you have a case that’s too sensitive for law enforcement, a professional private investigator can come in handy and help solve the dilemma that may be giving you sleepless night. In other words, a private investigator can provide answers as quickly as possible and without having your open case files, etc.

Within our agency, we have professionals who can provide you with answers regarding your case – these answers obtained most discreetly. You don’t have to worry of being caught up in unpleasant situations; we are here to do the hard part of discovering information for you while you rest your head.

Do we need we say this? Being a professional private investigation agency means whatever we discover regarding your activities is entirely safe with us. You don’t need to bother about information leak or anything of that sort.


Why you should work with us

Are you in need of a truly professional and dependable private investigating agency in Puerto Rico? Then you are on the web page of the best. We can boldly beat our chest and brag our capacity to handle all your private investigator needs. From marital surveillance to child custody; fraud investigation and other related cases, we have got you covered.
Our private investigators are as best as they come. We ensure you get value for any penny you put into our hands. Are you still doubting our specialty in handling your case?

What makes us so sure, we are the good guys?

We know so because our investigators have a track record of successful completion of tasks within the confines of the clients’ request – no more no less. We already do enough prying to know when to keep off and when to hold on.  Every investigation is directed by a process, which ensures accurate results are obtained, and no losses are incurred.

What would it take to get the information you need to be required to pursue a case or give you the peace of mind you need? An expert private investigator with a proven track record is who you need.

How we operate

Our private investigators conduct by working closely with you, the first party and gathering as much information as possible before heading into the nitty gritty of the job. Our private investigator services in Puerto Rico are carried out discreetly, to ensure your safety, that of your family and your property.

With the provided information, our investigators can know where to look and where not to look towards getting the job done. The importance of this procedure is straightforward: you’ll be able to receive reports (or information) faster and at lesser costs.

Whenever you feel there’s a need for a private investigator, then there’s likely a need for one. Give us a call or reach us via the provided mediums and we’ll get back to you ASAP.