South American Private Investigator Services

South American Private Investigator Services
South American Private Investigator Services


South American Private Investigator Services provide locally licensed & trained private investigators to offer you state of the art surveillance and investigations for Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Divorce Surveillance, Adultery & Infidelity Surveillance, Workers Compensation Surveillance, Process Service, Fraud Investigations, Forensic Accounting Investigations, Background Investigations, Due Diligence, Active Shooter & Terrorism Assessment and mitigation, Cartel Investigative services, Business Investigations, Hidden Asset Searches, Messy Divorce Cases, Cheating Spouse Surveillance, Adultery & Infidelity Surveillance, GPS Tracking Services. 


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South American Private Investigator Services


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South & Central American Private Investigator Services are highly trusted and relied upon for all surveillance and investigations in South America. Our Our Private Investigators also serve Mexico & Central American regions. Our Private Investigators are unique because they are multi-lingual speaking both Spanish and English. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and on holidays. We take pride in hiring only private detectives with former military and law enforcement experience. We are not some fly by night investigations company. We take pride in our work and deliver court worthy results.


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