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For those needing to Hire a Private Investigator or Detective for Cheating Spouse Surveillance Investigations in St. Louis, Missouri they trust Shadow Company Investigations for all Spousal Surveillance Infidelity Investigations. Our Cheating Spouse Special Investigations Unit provides Adultery, Infidelity, Cohabitation, Affairs, Workplace Affairs, Prostitution, and Mistresses, Online Dating Affair, and Emotional Cheating Affairs Online, or using online dating sites we can help. Our St. Louis Cheating Spouse Detectives Cheating Spouse-Infidelity Surveillance Investigations all around the globe for those in need. Our SIU Team of highly trained Spousal Investigators have highly successful record of solving cheating spouse cases in Missouri. When people in St. Louis, Missouri notice warning signs their wife or husband, they call us to find the truth.


About our Spousal Investigations Unit in St. Louis, Missouri


Our Expert Cheating Spouse Investigators in Missouri have over 20 plus years in Law Enforcement and Private Investigations experience. For those needing to hire a private eye for Adultery in Divorce or hire a Private Detective for Spouse Surveillance we have you covered. We have spent years analyzing data to be able to create a proprietary profile of Cheaters and their behaviors both physically and psychologically and why they behave the way they do. This specialized training in Spousal Surveillance Investigations has helped us solved hundreds of cases bringing both closure and winning court cases where proof of infidelity was needed. Missouri Spousal Investigations we provide are considered the premiere Cheating Investigation Services in Missouri.


FAQ’s on Cheating Spouse Cases in St. Louis, Missouri


Can I do my own investigation into catching my spouse cheating?


Most people do not realize this but because of the emotion involved and nerves just so rattled it is actually very hard to do your own investigation on anything without a real professional’s opinion and experience.


Why Are we the Best Cheating Spouse Detectives?


We are best suited to handle you because of our credentials being a professionally licensed, trained, and insured private investigations company. We use state of the art Cheating Spouse Surveillance Cameras & gear. We also have Law Enforcement Databases that we can research and identify persons, addresses, and unknow vehicles observed during surveillance.


Our Experience Solving Cheating Spouse Cases in St. Louis, Missouri

We have successfully Investigated and solved hundreds of Infidelity spousal cases in St. Louis, Missouri which have then been used in court cases like Divorce, Child Custody, and Alimony Decisions.


Warning Signs of Infidelity & Cheating in Marriage by Husband or Wife


With Drawn, Hiding Cell Phone, Working Late, Being Defensive, Using Passwords on Personal Devices, Lying about activities or whereabouts, lying about who they are hanging out with, perfume or cologne stains on clothes or other mysterious odors, lip stick stains, spouse receives weird calls or texts and after hours, clothing found in spouses bed, car, or home, unexplained expenditures on bank or credit card statements, lack of interest in sex or intimacy, talking about a new friend or group of friends, taking interest in working out, tanning, shopping for new clothes, and getting hair and nails done often.

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Cell Phone & Computer Investigations to retrieve Emails and Text Messages for Infidelity


Our team of Cheating Spouse Text Message & Email Retrieval Experts can retrieve text messages from iPhone & Androids, Tablets, Mc Devices, or any computer that may be containing evidence of extra marital affairs, online dating site use, emailing other people, and sending nude pics or videos. This evidence if obtained can be paramount in today’s Cheating Spouse Investigations arena.


GPS Tracking for Cheating Spouses & Affairs


GPS tracking a spouse’s activity is a great way to gain insight into their activities. Our Special Infidelity Investigators are trained in operating such high-tech equipment providing us with real time data that can prove your spouse is lying about their activities and who they are really with. (State Law Apply).


Case Studies for Cheating Spouse Incidents


We have learned the myth of who cheats more men or women

Most people who call us with concerns normally have cheating issues really happening

We solve over 95% cases of Cheating Case we investigate.


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Psychological Closure for Victims of Infidelity

We have been hired hundreds of times by those who are told they are crazy and there is nothing wrong occurring. However, these people upon hiring our expert Spousal Detectives discovered they were not crazy like their spouse tried to portray them as.


Signs of Cheating Husband

  1. Comes home late from work
  2. Can not account for missing time
  3. Smells like perfume or has lip stick stains on clothes
  4. Credit card bills for gifts, meals, lingerie, hotels, bar tabs
  5. Defensive when asked where he was

Signs of Cheating Wife

  1. Receives weird calls or texts all hours of the night
  2. Has pass code on phone, tablet, or other devices
  3. Loses interest in intimacy
  4. Takes new interest in appearance, working out, tanning, getting hair and nails done.
  5. Has a second phone hidden


How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

  1. Hire a professional
  2. Examine bank & credit card statements
  3. Look in persons cell phone
  4. Install key logger or other spyware on home computer
  5. GPS Tracking Surveillance

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