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Sextortion Investigator

Definition of Sextortion:

Is a form of revenge porn that employs non-physical forms of coercion to extort sexual favors from the victim…. Social Media and text messages are often the source of the sexual material and the threatened means of sharing it with others.


The threatening to demand bribes & release sexually explicit nude photos if they do not do what the blackmailer requests!


As of 2018 Sextortion is becoming a growing epidemic according to the F.B.I.


Sextortion – The New Sexual Harassment

The days of people grabbing or making unwanted advances in the work break room are long gone. These crimes have now been taken over by a far more serious and invasive approach.

This approach is terrifying as your internet captor controls your every thought, action, emotion, and is always ten steps ahead of you. This is because the suspects committing Online International Sexual Harassment & International Sextortion Acts have no face just a blank computer to stare at while you get bombarded with hundreds of emails with bribes, threats, or other ransom demands.

Africa Sextortion Investigator

Sextortion Investigation Services help people all over the globe with locating the evil perpetrator’s behind the acts of shaming, ruining the lives of, and blackmailing their victims with acts of actual sex in person, paying ransoms, to all kinds of other blackmail if they do not comply with the demands of the criminal behind these scams.

Sextortion has been around a very long time indeed with the invent of electronic devices such as cell phone, tablets, and webcams.


Who is targeted?

Anyone from any walk of life can be a target from professional business men or young juvenile girls playing on a webcam. Most people are unaware men are actually targeted the most by these horrible acts.

May threaten to harm or threaten the lives or safety or reputation of friends, family, or loved ones, even your pets.


What means are used?

Tablets, Cell Phones, Desk Tops, Lap Tops

Chat Forums, Dating Sites, Sex Sites, Porn Sites


Where do these Crime Originate?

Africa, Morocco, Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, India, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan.


How does is it Work?

sextortionists’ ! Basically hack into your computer via porn sites you visit and take control of your computer or webcam or even just talk to you on skype or other web cam services after meeting you on a dating site acting like they are interested in you.

Hacking your Webcam

Hacking your Microphone

Sending you a link to gain access to your device

They record nude pics shared or nude video streamed online by the victims

Most suspects are adults acting as teens or guys acting as girls, or girls acting as guys etc…


The F.B.I. & Army CID

The F.B.I. & Army (Criminal Investigations Division) have warned of such attacks that have targeted soldiers by inmates who were actually incarcerated in prison.


Suicide from Sextortion

In some worse case scenario’s young girls victimized by sextortion scammers have even take their own lives from the humiliation. Also, unknown to many men have also been victims of suicide from these acts online. People feel there is no way out and they are trapped by their fear and feelings of embarrassment and despair. The pain is so hard to deal with they feel suicide is the only way out.


Countries Affected

Let’s get one thing straight now. No one is safe from a Sextortion Attack. Hackers are very well schooled in accessing your devices & information. With computers and internet anyone can target anyone around the world and prey upon people who are concerned of their professional reputations.


Where to get help?

Chief Sextortion Investigator Michael Bland of Shadow Company Investigations stated that with an over worked and under staffed law enforcement agencies including F.B.I. many victims to not receive justice. They simply never get their money back or ever get closure on top of being paranoid the rest of their life. Investigator Bland stated some rare companies who are experts in such crimes can help by recovering lost funds, locating & prosecuting the suspect’s, and bringing a happy ending for all those affected.


How can we help?

Expert Sextortion Investigator Mike Bland, from the United States stated that his company, Shadow Company Investigations are experts in identifying, investigating, and solving such threats and attacks as Sextortion Crimes, Cyber-Bullying, Cyber Porn Scams, Sexual Online Fraud, Sexual Online Extortion, and Sexual Online Blackmail. Bland stated he can provide this through a wealth of online investigative experience that Cyber-Porn & Sextortionists Investigators possess at Shadow Company Investigations. Shadow Company Investigations has partnered with licensed & trained associates around the Globe through years of being in the investigations industry. Shadow Company Investigations is one of only a few of Private Investigations companies at the fore front of the battle of only sexual harassment investigative services offered around the Globe. No matter where your case has originated from and is occurring we can help you by getting answers and protecting your important reputation. After all, in life this is probably the most important aspect.


Where are payments sent to?

Suspects request that monies are sent to bitcoin and forms of Cypto-Currency.


How to Protect Yourself?

Do send not nude video or pics on line

Do not open links, images, or other links you do not recognize.

Turn of Electronic Devices like webcams when not in use


Penalties for Sextortion Crimes:

Many of the suspects have received several years in prison for their Online-Sexual Harassment & Sextortion related crimes.



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