St. Louis Surveillance Services


St. Louis Surveillance Services in St. Louis, Missouri provide victims of Infidelity Investigations, Law Firms, Messy Divorce, Child Custody Battles, Hidden Asset Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations, and Employee Theft Investigations an expert, affordable solution, to catching people on video in wrongful incriminating acts to help win your day in court. St. Louis Surveillance Services use only the very best Private Investigators, Digital, High Definition, Date & Time Stamped Video Surveillance Evidence to help you obtain a readable DVD that you can take to court and have undisputed proof. St. Louis Surveillance Services are open 24 hours a day.

We have helped win custody of children, caught spouses in the act of infidelity, cheating, and adultery, Employees stealing company products, Employees faking injury on and off the job site, located assets hidden in divorce cases. Corporate Law Firms, Insurance Claims Adjusters, St. Louis Divorce Attorneys, Child Custody Attorneys, and people needing counter surveillance call us due to our 20 years of experience conducting investigations.

St. Louis Surveillance Services provides you with the best solution and out of the box thinking to bring video surveillance proof to court. Attorneys often handle child custody and divorce cases but need video proof of what is going on.


Obtaining Video Surveillance Evidence for your court case in St. Louis or for International Investigation Services will undoubtedly help you win your case. Once you catch a person on video or photo committing the act they have been denying for so long to you they will have no other way to handle things except to confess, sign over custody rights, or cooperate with the courts in allowing access to their hidden cash or assets they have hidden away in a safe deposit box.

St. Louis Surveillance Services is the right place for your surveillance investigation needs and wants. St. Louis Surveillance Services are licensed by the Board of Private Investigator Examiners, Fully Insured with a Million Dollar Policy, Retired law Enforcement, and Expert Trained with Investigations. St. Louis Surveillance Services will give you a free expert consultation at phone number (314) 737-3166.