Terrorism Cases Solved

2000 – Wild Wood Missouri located & Identified two men who were running an International Weapons Smuggling Operation discovering Hand Grenades, WW2 Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Belts of Ammo, an Airplane at Chesterfield Missouri Airport & Semi Trucks used for Trafficking weapons. Case was taken over by the St. Louis A.T.F. Field Office



2004- Apprehended man who was Militia Member and en-route to a Nuclear Power Plant in Idaho from Kentucky armed with 6 Firearms, 1000 Rounds of ammunition, Anti- Govt Books, and a language he had created to speak in code with his other members and family. Case was referred to and taken over by the St. Louis F.B.I. Field Office. 



2004 – Located & Apprehended 20 Illegal Aliens who were arrested by I.C.E Enforcement St. Louis Field Office



2005- Identified & Detained later to be a Suspected Russian Terrorist Photographing the Jefferson Barracks Bridge in South St. Louis County, Missouri. Suspect was entered wanted I.C.E. Nationwide Office & Case Taken over by St. Louis F.B.I. Field Office. Suspect was also entered wanted into Mules by the Missouri State Highway Patrol as a Terrorism Suspect. Suspects Passport stated he was connected to New York City and was suppose to be visiting there. 



2006 -Apprehended Militia / Anti Government Suspect with 40 Assault Rifles, 40,000 Rounds of Ammunition, and belonged to National Alliance Movement. Case was taken over by the F.B.I. & United States Coast Guard Intelligence Officers. also Provided Sniper Over Watch for Raid on House. Also worked with Kentucky State Swat Team in conducting raid and recovering weapons in State of Kentucky after State of Kentucky granted warrant for Illinois Officers to carry out raid. (Aired on New York Times Radio & CNN)



2015 – Investigated Case & Identified Suspect involving Possible Palestinian Terrorism Referred to St. Louis F.B.I. Field Office


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